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The Tour Master T40F-Featuring hardwood cabinetry, panoramic views,
elegant lighting, gives taking home on the road a whole new meaning...

Beautiful hardwood cabinetry in the master bedroom with a large vanity area!

The galley is perfect for every cook in our T40B...Corian countertops, range,
convection oven, hardood cabinetry and smart storage design.

Simply beautiful.

One of the first RVís to integrate a Dry Heat Sauna!

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These are the three most important aspects to RVing.
You’ve spent many hours of your life working to get to this point, and now its time to get out there and live. See the many splendors of the country, enjoy time with your loved ones, and tour your favorite cities and destinations in the style and elegance that can only be found in the plush yet affordable Tourmaster.


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