What People Are Saying About Gulf Stream Coach Products

Eric & Kelly P., Colorado:   *Verified Buyers*

"Great customer service ..."  'Completely satisfied' with appliances, interior, furniture, systems, floor plan and exterior.  "We like the floor plan, design, interior, finish, options."

Kenneth E., Michigan:  *Verified Buyer*

‘Completely Satisfied’… “Like the Vintage look plus 23 ft. model with slide-out …”
 Would “absolutely recommend a Gulf Stream product to someone”

Martha S., Texas:  *Verified Buyer*

“Vintage Cruiser is so cute - Window treatments, linoleum, upholstery and decor are of high quality and complete the vintage look. Great job!”
“… High quality material and craftsmanship are evident.  Lots of storage space.  Fantastic cabinets, cupboards, closet & medicine cabinet.” 
“… Love the huge pass-thru storage - You even put LED lights inside.  Always get compliments everywhere
we go.”
“… Overall much higher quality than competitors.”
“… Great use of space (layout) for a small (19 ft) trailer.”

Martha M., Michigan:  *Verified Buyer*

‘Completely satisfied’ “… Perfect size slider - Allows you to be able to still pack the camper when slide is in - Most don’t.”
“Love the style, floor plan, options.”

Michael S., Minnesota:  *Verified Buyer*

“We LOVED the floor plan and the price!”

Frank J., Utah:  *Verified Buyer*

“It has been a great product.  We are very happy … We loved the classic look.”

Allison R., Minnesota: *Verified Buyer*

“Excellent customer service and friendly, knowledgeable sales, service, and financing teams … Total eye-grabber and show-stopper when traveling.  People stop by to ask me about Vintage Cruiser and take a peek inside.”
“Saw it at Minneapolis RV show and it immediately drew my eye - It feels like a vacation once you get inside.  Every other model felt like a hotel room.”

Andy S., New York:  *Verified Buyer*

“As an architect, I love the retro look.  The exterior shell construction influenced me also.”

Scott G., Minnesota:  *Verified Buyer*

“We love the retro look inside and out - And the floor plan - One does not have to climb over the other getting in and out of bed.”

R. D. S., Kansas:  *Verified Buyer*

“The quality of construction and concept of Vintage units” was the one aspect that most influenced my purchase.

Pat C., Missouri:  *Verified Buyer*

‘Completely satisfied’ with all functions and features.  “I wanted a private sleeping area.”
“I am 70 and probably only have about 10 more years of RVing.  The model I have is perfect, (and if I ever have to replace it,) I would replace it with the identical model.” 

Frank and Jean R.:  *Verified Buyer*

We would like to write and tell you how happy we are with our travel trailer. We have had nothing but admiration for the quality and structure of it.    

Marcie M.:  *Verified Buyer*

Our Gulf Stream is not our home away from home, but rather, our Home Sweet Home. Thank you!    

Denis V.:  *Verified Buyer*

Beautiful R.V.! Loads of storage, great bunk room for the kids, love the tub and shower combo. Pulls nice. People seem to like the two bedroom style.    

Peg and Don H.:  *Verified Buyer*

We feel buying this unit was the smartest thing we ever did. We are getting ready to head for Florida in a few weeks to stay until April. We can't wait!