What Owners Are Saying About Gulf Stream Coach Products

D. De Menge *Verified Buyer*

Conquest Class C 63111 - "Overall Impression:  ★★★★★ (Completely Satisfied). Chassis, Appliances, Interior Design, Styling:  ★★★★★ (Completely Satisfied)....  Furniture, Floor Plan, Kitchen, Slide-Out:  ★★★★ (Very Satisfied).  Would "Absolutely" recommend a Gulf Stream Coach product to someone I know, would "Absolutely" purchase another Gulf Stream Coach product in the future...

"I love my RV.  It's my new home."

The Kerr Family  *Verified Buyer* 

BT Cruiser 5230 - "We just took delivery of our 2019 BT Cruiser 5230 with full body paint. It is a really beautiful coach. We are getting all kind of compliments on it. On the 10 hour drive home from Louisiana to Oklahoma we noticed how people would stop and stare as we went by.  It really draws a lot of attention."

Steven & Lucylle S.  *Verified Buyer*

Conquest 6316 - Overall Impression:  ★★★★★ (Completely Satisfied).  Chassis, Styling, Floor Plan:  ★★★★★ (Completely Satisfied).  Dealership, Appliances, Furniture, Comfort Systems, Slide-Out:  ★★★★ (Very Satisfied).  "Very Likely" to recommend Gulf Stream Coach; "Very Likely" to buy another Gulf Stream Coach product. 

"We have yet to use all available spaces.  Lots of Storage!  Shower is tall enough for a 6 ft. person.  Having USB ports in the Bedroom area is very helpful..."

Guy P.  *Verified Buyer* 

BT Cruiser 5230 - Overall Impression:  ★★★★★ (Completely Satisfied).  Chassis, Appliances, Styling, Comfort Systems, Floor Plan, Slide-Out:  ★★★★★ (Completely Satisfied).  Dealership, Cabinetry, Furniture:  ★★★★ (Very Satisfied).  "Very Likely" to recommend Gulf Stream Coach; "Very Likely" to buy another Gulf Stream Coach product.

"I own the 24 ft BT Cruiser.  I love it."

Leroy & Joanne M.  *Verified Buyer* 

Conquest 6237 - Dealership Experience, Chassis, Appliances, Cabinetry, Furniture, Floor Plan: ★★★★★ (Completely Satisfied).  Overall Impression, Styling, Furniture, Comfort Systems:  ★★★★ (Very Satisfied).  Would "Absolutely" recommend a Gulf Stream Coach product to someone else.

Perry L., VA  *Verified Buyer* 

BT Cruiser 5210 - Chassis, Appliances, Styling, Cabinetry, Furniture, Floor Plan: ★★★★★ (Completely Satisfied)  Specific features we like the best: "A great downsize motor home."  Would "Absolutely" recommend Gulf Stream Coach to someone we know; "Absolutely" consider another Gulf Stream Coach product in the future.

Michael and Jaqueline F., OH  *Verified Buyers* 

Conquest Class C 6237 Overall Impression: ★★★★★ (Completely Satisfied), Chassis, Appliances, Styling, Cabinetry, Furniture, Comfort Systems, Floor Plan, Slide-Out: ★★★★★ (Completely Satisfied)  Specific features we like the best: "The ease of travel (driving, set-up) is a big asset.  Just what we were hoping for."

Linda and Bill M., MA  *Verified Buyers* 

Conquest Class C 6238 Overall Impression: ★★★★ (Very Satisfied), Appliances, Cabinetry, Floor Plan, Slide-Out: ★★★★ (Very Satisfied)  Specific features we like the best: "Floor Plan, Ford E450, 'Cradle of Strength' - We have made the inside our own and love it."

Brian K., Indiana  *Verified Reviewer* 

★★★★★ (Five Stars) "Been a pleasure dealing with this company - beautiful trailers and actually follow through with their warranty. Would recommend to others."

Alexander, San Jose, CA  *Verified Reviewer* 

"I chose Gulf Stream over others because of the good feedback that I got from the people who already bought RVs from them. Their customer service is second to none and they always try to make you happy. I liked that it's a leading manufacturer of a full range of RV products that was founded and is still owned by the Shea family, originating in the small community in Indiana."

Evelyn D., WA  *Verified Buyer*

What specific feature(s) do you like best?  "The floor plan as well as the included features, such as the countertop upgrade, the styling, 32 in. TV."

Dennis & Linda L., NC  *Verified Buyers*

Overall impression - "Very Satisfied - ★★★★!"  Interior Styling & Design - "All Excellent."  "During the Warranty period, we had an awning issue which was handled very efficiently by your Customer Service.  One of the best Customer Service people I have ever dealt with.  Professional, courteous and worked to get issue resolved quickly."

Daniel S., FL  *Verified Buyer*

"Appliances, Interior Styling & Design, Cabinetry, Furniture, Floor Plan, Slide-Outs, ★★★★★ (Completely Satisfied)!"  Would "Absolutely" recommend a Gulf Stream Coach product to someone you know.  "Second BT Cruiser I have owned.  First was 2005 - This one (is) 2016 5230 w/Slide and 2 Jack Knife Sofas."

Brian, Tiffin, OH  • Verified Reviewer*

"We were newbies to the RV world 9 months ago.  We purchased a Gulf Stream 2018 19RBS Vintage Cruiser Woody Edition.  We have put 2,500 miles on so far and have been very pleased.  I would definitely buy again."

Gene, Lone Jack, MO  *Verified Reviewer*

"Gulf Stream RVs are built very well and require the minimum amount of maintenance. My experience with this RV has been really enjoyable and has required very little effort on my part for anything. They are very manageable on the road and can be easily towed by just about any vehicle other than small passenger vehicles. They are also very easy to set up at the campsite. I have had mine for over 5 years now and I haven't had to get any kind of service outside of the required maintenance and safety precautions. They are very easy to maintain and will last you a lifetime."

John and Vonnie  *Verified Buyers*

Conquest Class C Model 6238:  Overall Impression:  "★★★★★ - Completely Satisfied"; Appliances, Interior Styling & Design, Slide-Out Size & Performance:  "★★★★★ - Completely Satisfied."  "Very Likely to recommend a Gulf Stream Coach product to someone, Very Likely to purchase another Gulf Stream Coach product."

D., Brighton NH  *Verified Buyer*

"Gulf Stream 2016 Vintage Cruiser 19RBS - After 2+ years, dozens & dozens of campgrounds around the USA, and well over 18,000 miles, my wife and I find this travel trailer to be very dependable and make us smile every day we use it. Not that there aren't small issues occasionally, but overall... it's great. The retro look is something that starts a conversation at every campground. People are just naturally attracted to the retro style and come up to us, (wanting to see it closer) and ask questions. We love it."

Thomas H.   *Verified Buyer*

"We bought our Vintage Cruiser 19ERD new in May 2015 and love it. We pull it with ease using our Honda Odyssey. The trailer is very stable.
We have travelled over 10,000 miles with our rig and it really has been a piece of cake.

"Gulf Stream has been very responsive to anything we needed. We couldn't be happier with our cruiser, and ownership has been completely enjoyable."

Brian, Tiffin, OH​Member, Gulf Stream Vista and Vintage Owners Group  *Verified Buyers*

"Nine months ago I was a newbie to the RV world. I purchased a Gulf Stream 2018 19RBS Vintage Cruiser travel trailer. So far I’ve put 2,500 miles on it with no issues. I love the floor plan, it has been a great purchase and no issues. Simply said, I would buy again."

Eric & Kelly P., Colorado:   *Verified Buyers*

"Great customer service ..."  'Completely satisfied' with appliances, interior, furniture, systems, floor plan and exterior.  "We like the floor plan, design, interior, finish, options."

Kenneth E., Michigan:  *Verified Buyer*

‘Completely Satisfied’… “Like the Vintage look plus 23 ft. model with slide-out …”
 Would “absolutely recommend a Gulf Stream product to someone”

Martha S., Texas:  *Verified Buyer*

“Vintage Cruiser is so cute - Window treatments, linoleum, upholstery and decor are of high quality and complete the vintage look. Great job!”
“… High quality material and craftsmanship are evident.  Lots of storage space.  Fantastic cabinets, cupboards, closet & medicine cabinet.” 
“… Love the huge pass-thru storage - You even put LED lights inside.  Always get compliments everywhere
we go.”
“… Overall much higher quality than competitors.”
“… Great use of space (layout) for a small (19 ft) trailer.”

Martha M., Michigan:  *Verified Buyer*

‘Completely satisfied’ “… Perfect size slider - Allows you to be able to still pack the camper when slide is in - Most don’t.”
“Love the style, floor plan, options.”

Michael S., Minnesota:  *Verified Buyer*

“We LOVED the floor plan and the price!”

Frank J., Utah:  *Verified Buyer*

“It has been a great product.  We are very happy … We loved the classic look.”

Allison R., Minnesota: *Verified Buyer*

“Excellent customer service and friendly, knowledgeable sales, service, and financing teams … Total eye-grabber and show-stopper when traveling.  People stop by to ask me about Vintage Cruiser and take a peek inside.”
“Saw it at Minneapolis RV show and it immediately drew my eye - It feels like a vacation once you get inside.  Every other model felt like a hotel room.”

Andy S., New York:  *Verified Buyer*

“As an architect, I love the retro look.  The exterior shell construction influenced me also.”

Scott G., Minnesota:  *Verified Buyer*

“We love the retro look inside and out - And the floor plan - One does not have to climb over the other getting in and out of bed.”

R. D. S., Kansas:  *Verified Buyer*

“The quality of construction and concept of Vintage units” was the one aspect that most influenced my purchase.

Pat C., Missouri:  *Verified Buyer*

‘Completely satisfied’ with all functions and features.  “I wanted a private sleeping area.”
“I am 70 and probably only have about 10 more years of RVing.  The model I have is perfect, (and if I ever have to replace it,) I would replace it with the identical model.” 

Frank and Jean R.:  *Verified Buyer*

We would like to write and tell you how happy we are with our travel trailer. We have had nothing but admiration for the quality and structure of it.    

Marcie M.:  *Verified Buyer*

Our Gulf Stream is not our home away from home, but rather, our Home Sweet Home. Thank you!    

Denis V.:  *Verified Buyer*

Beautiful R.V.! Loads of storage, great bunk room for the kids, love the tub and shower combo. Pulls nice. People seem to like the two bedroom style.    

Peg and Don H.:  *Verified Buyer*

We feel buying this unit was the smartest thing we ever did. We are getting ready to head for Florida in a few weeks to stay until April. We can't wait!