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Some of our brands have been built for as many as 15 years. These models and the teams that build them have stood the test of time and continue to be the most sought-after products in the industry.

A journey of a thousand miles

. . . must begin with a single step

- Lao Tzu

Quality. Value. Innovation.

The family-run company that builds RVs for families.

Quality, value, and innovation are the core values that have been a part of the Gulf Stream Coach way of doing business since it was founded in Nappanee, Indiana, by Jim Shea and his sons.   

Today Gulf Stream Coach is the industry's leading family-owned, family-operated RV manufacturer, encompasses 22 brands with over 140 different models — all brought to you by the most dedicated and experienced team of associates in the industry. 

The family links run deep at Gulf Stream, among the skilled craftspeople who build the product, through the family-based management, on to family-based RV dealerships across the United States and Canada, and finally, to the families who buy and enjoy Gulf Stream Coach products.  In today's world where huge corporations work to satisfy stockholders and financiers, the people at Gulf Stream Coach are dedicated to make the families of owners, dealers, and employees happy and proud.  

As the company has grown, Gulf Stream Coach has provided travel trailers, toy haulers, and motor homes that cover a broad range of prices, specifications, and applications, including:

These Travel Trailer Brands:

Ameri-Lite - The all-time favorite light-weight, compact, value-driven travel trailer, ideal for families on strict budgets and people looking for a casual, economical way to enjoy trailer camping.

Cabin Cruiser - The advanced laminated fiberglass trailer that brings back the nostalgia and charm of an old family lodge, with knotty pine paneling and a combination of back-to-basics comforts and state-of-the-art conveniences.

Capri - When you want the great looks and fun of retro camping, our conventionally constructed Capri delivers

Conquest - A time-honored travel trailer brand, known for its extraordinary combination of standard features and options that make it easy for value-based camping families to get exactly what they want for their style of camping. 

ENVISION - Using all the experience of the Gulf Stream Coach team, ENVISION brings a level of sophistication and luxury never before seen in travel trailers at this price, with a list of floor plans that wins raves from both seasoned campers and first-timers. 

GEO - Not your Grandfather's trailer, the GEO has an interior inspired by luxury hotel suites and residences where style and function work together and a state-of--the-art fabrication technology that uses fiberglass and aluminum for strength and light weight.




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