Azdel advanced synthetic substrate brings you all these advantages: 

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Azdel is the industry's most advanced synthetic substrate, and a key part of the construction technology in:

  • BT Cruiser 
  • Conquest Class C 
  • Vista Cruiser 
  • Vintage Cruiser
  • Envision
  • GEO
  • Gulf Breeze
  • Streamlite
  • Northern Express
  • Matrix
  • SVT Series

Azdel forms the layer of structure and insulation just underneath the fiberglass exterior skin* of our laminated walls, providing the essential barrier between the outside world and everything inside that you want to keep comfortable and dry.  Here's an overview of why Azdel is valuable to you:

Azdel is 50% lighter than the wood it replaces.  

When an RV weighs less, there's more capacity for you and your cargo.  A lighter RV also gets better fuel economy and saves wear and tear on the drive train of the motor home or tow vehicle.   

Azdel can't rot, mold or absorb water.

Unlike wood substrates, Azdel is virtually impervious to moisture, separating the cold, damp, wet, humid outside world from the rest of the wall structure - and the people inside.  

Azdel is a high-performance thermal insulator

In spite of its thin profile and light weight, Azdel contributes important insulating value to the laminated wall, becoming part of the defense against extreme outside temperature changes.  

Azdel is odorless, with no Formaldehyde

Remarkably stable and inert, Azdel has no chemical smell and no formaldehyde.

Azdel absorbs sound and energy

Azdel is great sound insulator that helps keep the interior of your trailer or motor home peaceful and quiet.

Azdel is impact and puncture resistant

Azdel's tough, flexible, fiber-based structure creates a resilient layer that tempers impacts and resists punctures.

Azdel is made in the USA

When so many structural and construction materials are being imported from nameless overseas sources, Azdel is proudly made in the United States.



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