Conventional Construction

Featured in these travel trailer brands:  

Ameri-Lite, Conquest, Conquest Lite, Innsbruck, Innsbruck Lite, Kingsport, Track & Trail. 

Gulf Stream Coach has spent more than three decades developing and perfecting the art and science of travel trailer construction, leading the industry with manufacturing, technological, and material advances.  The result is a travel trailer that reflects our dedication to "Quality, Value, and Innovation," and our commitment to you, traveling families looking for adventure, relaxation, excitement, and discovery.  Here's how we do it:  

1.  One-piece seamless roof w/12 year warranty

2.  Strong wood roof decking, screwed and glued in place

3.  Thick energy-saving blankets of had-cut fiberglass insulation in ceiling, walls and floors; insulation bonded to walls to prevent settling

4.  Reinforced truss-style roof construction

5.  Insulated air conditioning ducts in insulated ceiling space

6.  Interior ceiling board

7.  Galvanized steel straps to increase roof-to-sidewall and sidewall-to-floor strength

8.  Sturdy wood 16" on-center sidewall studs set on floor and screwed in, for maximum strength

9.  Aluminum siding with backed enamel finish

10. Butyl caulk for better seal, fewer streaks

11. Drip rail to direct rain run-off away from unit

12. Tough polymax underbelly overlaps sides to protect against moisture and debris

13. Durable heavy-gauge vinyl floor covering

14. 5/8" floor decking screwed and glued to floor joists, 13" on center

15. Powder-coated steel frame (Tubular steel frame on Ameri-Lite, Conquest Lite, Innsbruck Lite, Kingsport Lite)

16. Full-width steel outriggers for superior strength and support

17. Heavy gauge radius lower metal

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