Q.  What is my hitch ball size?
A.  Hitch ball size for Gulf Stream Coach Travel Trailers is 2 5/16”

Q.  Where can I get warranty work done?
A.  You can use any RV facility of your choice.  It does not have to be a Gulf Stream Coach dealer.  We do require the dealer call us (800-289-8787) prior to any repairs to tell us what they are doing and how much they want to charge.  Once a figure is agreed upon, we will issue an authorization.  When the repairs are complete and an invoice is turned in, it takes about 10-14 days to process the reimbursement.

In the event the repairing dealer wants you to pay for the repair, we do reimburse you but we still need the estimate before they do any repairs.

Please note: Service calls or charges relating to transportation are not covered by your service agreement with Gulf Stream Coach.

Q.  Can I buy parts from you?
A. We don’t offer retail sales of parts.  Please check with a local dealer for pricing and availability.  You can use the Dealer Locator on our Website to assist you with finding a dealer close to you (https://www.gulfstreamcoach.com/dealer-locator).

Q.  Where can I find my VIN on my travel Trailer?
A.  Travel trailer VIN’s are stamped into steel A-frame that holds the hitch on the front of your unit.  Also, a sticker is attached inside the upper kitchen cabinet that includes weight information as well as the VIN.  A Federal ID sticker with the VIN is affixed to the driver side front of the trailer exterior.

Q.  How can I check to see if my unit has a recall? Is there a spot on your Website?
A.  Email your request to this email address to have your VIN checked:  dyoder@gulfstreamcoach.com.  Our staff will be in touch with the results.

Q.  Where can I find an owner’s manual for my travel trailer or motor home? I don’t see my specific year and model on the Website.
A.  Online versions of our owner’s manuals are posted in the Owner’s Manuals area under the Owner Resources tab of our Website.  Owner’s manuals are used for multiple years and are not model-specific due to the common nature of the build.  For years prior to 2017, please choose the 2017 and older manual.  Our online Owner’s Manual Library also offers manuals for our most commonly installed components to accompany your owner’s manual.  Please verify the make and model of your installed components and visit our Online Library for the manuals you need.  

You will also find extensive resources on the Websites of the component manufacturers, and a list of those manufacturers, their phone numbers, and Websites is also in our Online Library.



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