Laminated Wall Construction

Featured in these travel trailer brands:  

GEO, Gulf Breeze Champagne & Ultra Lite, Matrix, Northern Express,
Streamlite Champagne & Ultra Lite, Vintage Cruiser, and Vista Cruiser   

Working in our own wall-manufacturing facility, Gulf Stream Coach combines gleaming fiberglass, a light yet resilient welded aluminum frame, rigid closed-cell polyfoam insulation, and various inner and outer structural layers with sophisticated heat-resistant adhesives.  These layers are then vacuum-bonded into incredibly light, rigid laminated panels that can be used for walls, floors, and ceilings.  

1.  Gleaming high-gloss fiberglass exterior - Easy to clean, looks great

2.  Outside structural panel of Azdel synthetic substrate (or wood, depending on model); provides insulation, sound-deadening, and structure

3.  Welded square-tube aluminum skeleton frame, with reinforced corners around doors, windows, and other openings

4.  Lightweight closed-cell rigid polyfoam insulation

5.  Inside structural panel of Azdel synthetic substate (or wood, depending on model), for additional structural strength

6.  Inside decorative vinyl wall-covering

7.  Metered application of heat-resistant adhesive applied between each laminate layer, then vacuum bonded









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