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Conquest Class C: What’s NEW for 2018?

The Conquest Class C Motor Home continues to set itself apart from the competition and earn rave reviews for its innovative floor plans, rock-solid construction, and long list of standard features.  But Designers and Engineers at Gulf Stream Coach aren’t resting on their laurels.  The company has shown key dealers a list of brand-new product enhancements that add more luxury, style, convenience, and value to the Conquest brand.  Here’s a quick run-down of what “New for 2018” features RV shoppers will see in models now being shipped to Gulf Stream Coach dealers:

New for 2018 - Side by side recliners


NEW!  Side-by-side Reclining Theater-Style Seating. Available on the Conquest 6320.  It’s a blessing to be able to enjoy your most comfortable chair anywhere you go!

New for 2018 - Parking spot for Bunk Ladder



NEW!  Bunk Ladder “Parking Spot.”  Two tough straps hold the bunk ladder securely against the padded bulkhead, keeping it quiet and safely out of the way.

New for 2018 - Tile Backsplash for kitchen

NEW!  Tile Backsplash in Kitchen.  Tiles protect the wall behind the sink and range where spatters and spills are likely to occur.




New for 2018 - Stylish Maple Cabinetry

NEW!  Maple Option for Cabinetry.  A step up to a refined, yet relaxed and casual look, our new fine-grained maple is set off smartly with new dark-tone cabinet handles and drawer pulls.

New for 2018 - Lighter laminated and solid surface countertops




NEW! Lighter Kitchen Countertops.  Our standard laminate and optional solid surface countertops have new colors, styles, and patterns for an overall brighter interior.

New for 2018 - Diamond-embossed seat cushionsNEW! Diamond-Embossed Upholstery.  Seat cushions now feature tone-on-tone diamond-embossed inserts; so do the front captain’s chairs with our upholstery upgrade option.


New for 2018 - Blue Halo LED Atmosphere Lights



NEW! ‘Blue Halo’ LED Lights.  Great as soft, non-intrusive nightlights, also soothing, subdued atmosphere lighting for evening conversations and meals.


New for 2018 - Lighter, brighter Vinyl FlooringNEW!  Lighter, brighter Vinyl Flooring.  So easy to care for, resists streaking and cracking, with a new lighter look that brightens up the whole interior.


New for 2018 - Outdoor Entertainment Center



NEW! Outside Entertainment Center.  The bracket, wiring, and speakers you need to have an optional HDTV outside under the curb-side awning.


Of course all of these “New for 2018” features are icing on the cake for the only Class C motor home built with our exclusive “Cradle of Strength” and other standard features that have made the Conquest the Class C leader.  Click here to explore all the Conquest floor plans and features.

See the Rollin On TV Review of the Vintage Cruiser

Rollin’ On TV Reviews the Gulf Stream Coach Vintage Cruiser

Rollin’ On TV, the popular syndicated TV series that explores the RV lifestyle, has released a real-world review of the Vintage Cruiser conducted by noted RV expert, Jeff Johnston.  Jeff and his wife size up RV’s the way RV owners do – By taking them on the road, putting them through their paces, and camping in them!

In his review of the Vintage Cruiser, Jeff raves about the trailer’s on-road handling and maneuvering, noting that its modest overall length, good weight balance, aerodynamic shape, and light weight make the Vintage Cruiser a cinch to tow, park, and back up.  Jeff points out that the size also means the Vintage Cruiser can access smaller campsites that often offer the best views and most attractive surroundings.

Inside, Jeff makes it clear that the Vintage Cruiser does a great job of combining the appeal of the ‘retro’ look with the convenience of technically advanced features and construction methods, including the use of laminated walls and Azdel substrate.  He tours the living space, noting that his 6-foot-3 frame fits easily and feels comfortable inside the Vintage, with its 83″ high ceilings.

Why not get the whole story direct from Jeff by clicking the link below and watching the 6-minute video.  You’ll hear how much an RV expert and enthusiast like Jeff loves the Vintage Cruiser!

Current Program

A note about Rollin’ On TV:  This multi-faceted 1/2 hour program covers a wide range of RV topics, from construction, to product reviews, to campsite cooking, and destinations.  It is offered to over 40,000,000 households through cable and satellite systems throughout the US and Canada.  Rollin’ On TV also posts all current and past episodes on their site, at

Need more Vintage Cruiser information?  Visit the Vintage Cruiser online here.  Curious about the cost of a new Vintage Cruiser?  Try this link for a no-cost, no-obligation price.