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Gulf Stream Coach "Cradle Of Strength®"

Only Gulf Stream Coach Motor Homes Have The “Cradle Of Strength®”

We’ve spent over thirty years building motor homes that give you the same kind of comfort, convenience, and safety you enjoy in your own home.  So far we’ve put over 60,000 motor homes on the road – and, as you can imagine – we’re really good at it!

Imagine this too:  Imagine what it’s like to build a home that has to travel 70 miles per hour on an Interstate Highway, and wind its way along narrow, bumpy country roads.  Then imagine a home that has to go up and down hills, brave the rain, snow, and searing summer sun, all while carrying the people you love most from one place to another.

Because you put your family in our hands, we put a “Cradle Of Strength®” under your motor home.

box style TUFF TRUSSESUnique in the RV industry, the Gulf Stream Coach “Cradle Of Strength®” is the carefully engineered foundation of steel we add to the motor home chassis.

Our Cradle Of Strength® uses large box-style TUFF TRUSSES rated at 6,000 lbs. each.  That puts more welded steel across the chassis rail than the triangle trusses other manufacturers use.

front-to-rear stringers

We further stiffen and strengthen the trusses with front-to-rear steel stringers.

We build our outside storage compartments with galvanized steel, not plastic, then wrap the insides with felt to protect your cargo.


TUFF TRUSSES on top of rail


We use extra welds and brackets to mount our TUFF TRUSSES on top of the main frame rail so they can’t shift down.



Galvanized steel subfloorFinally, we cover the drivetrain and service lines with a 26-gauge galvanized steel sub-floor.

Our Cradle Of Strength is the perfect foundation for our laminated floor and walls, providing incredible stiffness, resilience, and durability.  That strength translates into more dependable road manners, easier handling, and an overall safer, less-stressful driving experience.

We give you a “Cradle Of Strength®” –  and no one else does.

If you want a “Cradle Of Strength®” as the foundation of your family’s next RV, there’s only one way to get it:  Choose a Gulf Stream Coach motor home.  Whether you prefer the family-favorite Conquest Class C, or “The sports car of motor homes” BT Cruiser, you can rest assured:  There’s a “Cradle Of Strength®” supporting and protecting you everywhere you go.

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Ameri-Lite Super Lite 198BH

Why Our Super Lite Travel Trailers Are So Popular

At Gulf Stream Coach, we’ve been building the Super Lite line of travel trailers for more than a decade, and they continue to be among our most popular offerings.  Here are some of the reasons why:

1. Super Lite travel trailers are very economical

Our Super Lite models (see the floor plans and specifications here) are our most affordable travel trailers.  In fact, they often rival pop-ups and other basic campers that don’t offer anything comparable to Super-Lite comfort, security, and durability.  If your budget for a travel trailer is limited – If you want a truly economical way to try out the RV lifestyle, there is no better starting point than our Super Lites.

2.  They’re easy to tow

With base weights below 3,200 lbs, our Super Lites can be towed by a suitably equipped car, smaller SUV, or mini-van – No need to invest in a specialized tow vehicle – Just hitch up to your family vehicle.  They’re just 7 ft. 8 in. wide, too, so you won’t need extensions for your rear view mirrors.  With their short wheelbases, they’re easy to maneuver and turn.  They’re small and nimble enough to go virtually everywhere your vehicle can go.  Add it all up, and Super Lite trailers are ideal for new and occasional RV’ers who don’t have a lot of experience towing.

3.  They cover all the basics – beautifully!

Ameri-Lite Super Lite 198BH Interior, looking from back to frontNo matter what kind of camping you plan, you’ll want a safe, comfortable, well-insulated place to sleep, a place to sit and relax, a way to make meals and snacks, and a full, ‘dry,’ well-ventilated bathroom.  You’ll probably want a stereo for music, and a TV for entertainment; you’ll want a furnace for cool nights and a roof-mounted air conditioner for warm days.  Hot and cold water is a must, so is plenty of storage space. Bunks for youngsters?  Sure, they’re available too.  With a Super Lite, you can have everything you want and need!  There’s no reason for you to settle for less, even in an ‘entry-level’ trailer.  Plus, we have perfected our floor plans and building methods over a decade, so you benefit from all the input we’ve received from owners, as well as advancements in construction methods and materials.

4.  They’re built to our high Gulf Stream Coach quality standards

Super Lite travel trailers use our exclusive “Uni-Body Construction” technology (learn more about it here), that ties the walls, floor and ceiling together with tough steel straps.  We provide a firm foundation for walls by setting them on top of the floor, then bolting them in place.  We hand-cut thick fiberglass insulation to fill the walls, roof, and subfloor, and then glue it in place to prevent settling.  Our seamless ‘super-floors’ span up to 25 feet with no seams or joints, to make the floor solid and trouble-free.

We use rigid tubular steel rails and full-length outriggers in our Super Lite trailers, for a solid foundation; walls and roofs use solid wood studs on 16″ centers, for plenty of strength and durability; and the seamless synthetic roof has a 12-year warranty.  Even the Super Lite holding tanks are something to brag about, with the largest capacities of any trailer in this class.

Putting it all together, it’s clear:  Gulf Stream Coach Super Lite travel trailers are the ideal choice for people who are excited about camping, and want a truly affordable, easy-to-use, rugged and dependable travel trailer.  Explore our Web site or visit a Gulf Stream dealer near you to learn more.

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BT Cruiser Model 5316 Exterior View

New Photo Gallery of Stunning BT Cruiser Model 5316 Just Added

At just over 32 feet in length, the BT Cruiser Model 5316 is the longest BT Cruiser floor plan, with  two slides to expand both the main living area and the master bedroom, to provide extraordinary accommodations for a traveling couple.

Take a photo tour of the model 5316.

Here’s your chance to ‘step inside’ the 5316 and see the way life is lived, Gulf Stream Coach style.  You can see the mastery of our own cabinetmakers, working with our Light Roanoke Cherry.  You’ll see the large, deep, round stainless steel kitchen sink that is earning raves from campers who have struggled with tiny plastic sinks so common in RVs.

Take a look at a master suite that includes a full wall of closets, wardrobes, and drawers; see the remarkable two-way LED lights, that offer bright white light for reading and cool blue light for after-hours atmosphere.

See how the large picture windows in the main living area capture and frame scenic outside views, yet provide a high level of privacy with soft pleated shades.  Discover how we’ve adapted the latest electronic entertainment and information systems to the campground environment. Notice  how we’ve used every available square inch of space for storage.

See the model 5316 in person.

Enjoy the virtual tour of images, then make plans to visit a BT Cruiser near you for an in-person tour and test-drive.  Discover how we’ve combined luxury, comfort, and on-the-road performance in the 5316, a prime example of why people call the BT Cruiser “The Sports Car of Motor Homes.”

See the Model 5316 Photo Gallery here.

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See your next Gulf Stream Coach RV at an RV show near you

Attend an RV Show next weekend.

Innsbruck travel trailers from Gulf Stream Coach combine quality, value and innovationFactory representatives from Gulf Stream Coach and dealers across North America are in the middle of one of the most important RV rituals in the industry.  They’re participating in scores of RV Shows throughout the late winter and early spring, in cities, fairgrounds, convention halls, and dealerships everywhere you look.

We’re posting a few snapshots from recent shows, but many more are scheduled over the next several weeks.  The shows are the ideal way for shoppers to see our products in person, and to compare them side-by-side with other floor plans, styles, and brands.Gulf Stream Coach Ameri-Lite at the Denver RV Show

(We post our RV Show Calendar on our Web site – Here’s the link.  Check local sources for the specific location, hours, and directions for the shows near you.)

RV Shows are a great place to make your dreams come true.

Vintage Cruiser Estate Wagon was on display at several RV Shows this weekendRV shows are great for people in the market for a new travel trailer or motor home, because the products easy to explore and and our own factory representatives are standing by to offer advice and answer questions.   Plus, the timing and the pricing are perfect, making it easy for campers to get the RV they want in time for all the great weather that lies ahead.

Use the "Get A Price Quote" button to get a price on the product that interests you

See something you like? Want to know “what it costs?”

Getting a price is EASY!

For most of us, a big buying decision has many factors, and one of the most important is PRICE! It’s key to budgeting, saving, and shopping.  It can turn our wishful thinking into action, and can help us sort through countless options and alternatives.  That’s why we want you to have the price information you need when you’re considering a Gulf Stream Coach travel trailer, motor home, fifth wheel, or toy hauer. To do that, we’ve provided a “Get A Price Quote ” button throughout our Web site.

Find this button and give it a click!

When you click the “Get A Price Quote” button, it takes you to a page where you can tell us what brand and floor plan interests you.  It also allows you to pick possible options, and add questions or comments about your inquiry.  Go ahead – Click the button! – Take a look!  Try it!  There is NO cost or obligation of any kind.  We just want you to get you the information you need.  It’s the ideal starting point in the shopping process.

We forward your request for a price to a Gulf Stream dealer near you.  (That’s why the form asks for a basic idea of where you live.)  The dealer can give you a real-world, market-based price for the product you inquired about.  They’ll get right back to you by email – or with a phone call if you prefer – with the price you need, and, occasionally, with useful suggestions.

It’s just that simple and easy to know what it will take to make your dreams of owning a Gulf Stream Coach travel trailer or motor home come true.

High Plains sunset, Sand Lake State Park, Utah

This is one of the reasons we go camping

Sunset at Sand Hollow State Park, Utah

(March 1, 2017) This stunning view of the sun setting behind a ridge in the high plains of Utah is a good reminder of what we can see, where we can go, and what we can do when we go camping.

The photo, sent in by Gulf Stream Coach owner Ken Hughes, shows his 2012 VISA (the predecessor of our current Vista Cruiser and Vintage Cruiser travel trailers) proving that some of the most beautiful things in this world can be staged for our own private enjoyment when we leave the day-to-day world behind and go camping.

Whether you’re looking for the peace and solitude of a high plains sunset, the informal camaraderie of newfound friends at a campground, or an action-filled family vacation where the iPads and smart phones are left idle for hours at a time, Gulf Stream Coach has the travel trailer, motor home, fifth wheel, or toy hauler that’s just right for you.

Our broad range of prices, styles, sizes, and forms of Recreational Vehicles is virtually unmatched in the industry.  So is our commitment to people who love to camp.

(Have a picture of your Gulf Stream Coach travel trailer or motor home to share? Click here!)