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The New Ford 7.3L V8 Is Here

– And Our Motor Homes Have It!

Enthusiasts are singing the praises of the new Ford 7.3L V8 engine designed for RV’s introduced in 2020. We love it too, making it the standard engine for our Conquest C and BT Cruiser motor homes.

The “Premium” 7.3L V8 we use has two things every RV’er wants more than anything else: Plenty of power and plenty of torque! Just look at the ratings:
• 350 horsepower
• 468 lbs.-ft of torque

That’s the kind of muscle you want to put your family on the road, no matter where that road may take you. And while RV’ers drool over ratings like these, the 7.3L has other strengths that make it the ideal RV power plant.

Famous Durability

The new 7.3L V8 optimizes power with a cast-iron block, forged steel crankshaft, aluminum heads and variable cam timing. Attached is a 6-speed automatic transmission with a Tow/Haul mode and Auxiliary oil cooler.

Widespread Serviceability

No matter where your adventure takes you, you’re never far from Ford Factory-Authorized service, parts, and repairs. No other auto manufacturer blankets North America better than Ford.

Economy and Efficiency

Nothing matches the combination of economy and efficiency of the RV-optimized Ford 7.3L. It’s not only the lowest-priced option in its class, it uses readily available Regular (87 octane) gasoline.

Almost 60 Years of Experience

Ford has six decades of experience building RV-ready engines and drive trains. No other manufacturer can come close to the depth of knowledge Ford brings to the RV market.

Make Sure That Ford 7.3L V8 Is Driving A Gulf Stream Coach Motor Home

Gulf Stream Coach Conquest Class C motor home

If you’re shopping for a Class C, you will quickly learn that the Ford chassis is used by many other RV builders. You will find other chassis options out there too. But expect to add tens of thousands of dollars to the prices of motor homes built on other platforms. Even a chassis with lower capacity and less power can cost more. That’s something that simply doesn’t make sense to us.

Only Gulf Stream Coach can give you the “Cradle of Strength”

Gulf Stream Coach "Cradle of Strength" logo

Once you decide that the Ford chassis (and that new 7.3L V8) is right for you, consider this. Only Gulf Stream Coach can offer the exclusive “Cradle of Strength.” Gulf Stream Coach invented and validated the “Cradle of Strength” in its R&D department more than thirty years ago. By adding the strength and weight of steel to the chassis, the Cradle of Strength improves the handling, stability, and safety of our motor homes.

Get The Whole Story

You can learn all about Gulf Stream Coach motor homes at these links:

Conquest 6245

Renting A Motor Home?

Try our Conquest Class C

Conquest 6245

If you’re like many new RV’ers, your first real RVing experience may be in a motor home that you rent rather than buy. Many Gulf Stream Coach dealers maintain fleets of motor homes that you can rent for a weekend, week, month, or longer. Renting can introduce you to the adventure of RVing while you discover what you’d like when you decide to buy.

What makes the Gulf Stream Coach Conquest a rental leader?

You’ll find the Gulf Stream Coach Conquest Class C is one of the most popular motor homes available for rent. You may wonder what gives Gulf Stream Coach this leadership position among all the brands and builders.

We’re glad you asked!

Here are some of the major reasons so many RV renters choose the Gulf Stream Coach Conquest Class C:

  • The “Cradle of Strength” adds steel reinforcements, braces, and welds to the Conquest chassis to lower the center of gravity and strengthen the foundation. No one else has the “Cradle of Strength” and no one else has the reliable, responsive handling of the Conquest.
  • Conquest walls use Azdel, a synthetic structural layer, to separate the outside world from the inside living area. Azdel can’t absorb moisture and won’t mildew or rot like plywood. Plus Azdel insulates better and weighs less than the wood it replaces. That makes it ideal for our light, durable, rigid walls.
  • We provide chassis-anchored safety belts for all seating positions in the Conquest. Everyone can travel with the security of a certified seat belt in a Conquest.
  • Our rental units include RV owners’ fifteen most-requested, most-appreciated luxury features. Included are things most RV’ers consider essentials, like a backup camera, 4kW generator, motorized awning, big-screen HDTV, stainless steel appliances, and much more.

A legacy of quality and a passion for new ideas

Rental customers have built their confidence in Gulf Stream Coach over a thirty-eight year history of independence and quality. When that legacy is combined with our latest technology and style, the Conquest is the perfect choice for people renting a motor home.

The RV Shows Are Coming!

RV Show “Mega-Season” Is Coming Soon!

The short, cold days of deep winter are the BEST times of year to see and buy a travel trailer or motor home. Dealers across North America get together at hundreds of convention centers, fair grounds, stadiums, and arenas. They’re there to show off their newest products, at prices just too attractive to resist. You’ll see more and save more if you hit the RV Show circuit during the winter and early spring.

It’s not too early to check the Calendar for the RV Show AVALANCHE that starts in early January. We’ve made planning easy, too, with our Online National RV Show Calendar. (See it here!) It lists shows where you can find our products across the US and Canada by date, location, and venue. The calendar can also give directions from your front door to the shows you choose.

The deals are real!

RV Shows help you maximize value and minimize costs because dealers are competing for your business. Shows let you compare your favorites RVs head-to-head while you meet the dealers who will deliver and service your new RV. In many cases, you’ll also find a Gulf Stream Coach representative on hand, answering questions so you can you make a smart decision.

And what better way is there to escape the ravages of winter?

Visiting an RV Show is (almost) like escaping from the doldrums of winter to a sunny summer day. The show lets you mentally shift gears to the warmer, more relaxing, family-and-friends-memory-making season just a few short weeks away. It gives you reasons to plan, to look ahead, dream, and otherwise indulge in all things “RV.”

Check the Calendar! Make some plans! We’ll see you there!

New BT Cruiser with Partial Paint Graphics

New Exterior Graphics for BT Cruiser

Here’s a first look at the stunning new exterior graphics now available on any new BT Cruiser. As you can see, it’s an artful combination of gel-coat fiberglass and broad areas of custom paint. In addition to being drop-dead gorgeous, it’s far more economical than full custom-paint graphics.

For many, it’s the best of both worlds: Head-turning, wow-inspiring looks, AND significant savings! It’s another GREAT reason BT Cruiser should top your list if you’re shopping for a couples-focused, road-friendly, down-sized, luxury motor home. (Get the whole story on the BT Cruiser here!)

BT Cruiser beauty is more than skin deep!

Underneath the new exterior graphics for the BT Cruiser are a host of things that make it unique, including:

  • The Gulf Stream Coach-exclusive Cradle of Strength®, a network of steel chassis reinforcements and enhancements.
  • Azdel, the super-light structural wall substrate that can’t absorb water, won’t mildew, and offers superior temperature and noise insulation.
  • A 4 kW generator to provide electrical service no matter where you stop or set-up camp.
  • Frame-mounted seat belts at every seating position, to greatly enhance passenger safety.
  • 14 more luxury and convenience items we include on every BT Cruiser, that other companies consider extra-cost add-ons.

BT Cruiser – Still “the sports car of motor homes”

It’s important to mention the other aspect of the BT Cruiser that makes it a favorite among dedicated motor home travelers, too. It’s the way the BT Cruiser handles on the road. From interstates, to city streets, to parking lots, the BT Cruiser has proven it’s “the sports car of motor homes.”

And just in case you were wondering…

YES, we still offer our bold-and-beautiful full-body paint graphics and our stylishly subtle standard tape graphics. The choice is yours!

Shopping for a new Gulf Stream Coach Motor Home

You Bought a New RV – Congratulations! . . . (Now what?)

Are you the proud new owner of a Gulf Stream Coach travel trailer or motor home? THANKS for your business! We know there are many alternatives when you go shopping for an RV, and we’re gratified that you chose one of ours.

Putting a new RV on the road is a big step, full of details, expectations, and challenges. In fact, whether you’re on a months-long trek or just enjoying quick weekend trips, you’re learning a whole new way of living.

Enjoy the adventure!

Even if you have experience using travel trailers, or owning a motor home, your new rig has things to discover and learn. Like any new adventure, it’s wise to be prepared for the unexpected. It also helps to get advice from people with more experience than you. Fortunately, in today’s Internet-driven world, help is just a few searches and clicks away.

Like ALL online information, you’ll want to sort through the sources, and find the ones that you trust. They’re out there, to be sure! In fact, you can become an armchair ‘expert’ in a matter of a few well-spent hours online. Looking for a starting point? Pop the popcorn, grab a cool drink, and click here.

First, best source of help? Your dealer!

Don’t get stuck on YouTube, though. In fact, there’s actually a better place to START! It’s the Gulf Stream Coach dealership where you purchased your new RV. That dealer has a strong interest in maintaining a long, beneficial relationship with you. Your dealer can answer MANY of those “how do we ….” questions. Not only that, the dealer has the accessories, parts, and tech experts you need to do what you want to do!

The Gulf Stream Coach Website is a good resource too. Here are a few highlights:

  • Not close to home? You can use our Dealer Locator to find any Gulf Stream Coach dealer in the U.S. and Canada!
  • Need a copy of your Owner’s Manual? Click here to get one from the Owner Resources area on our Website. You’ll contact info for suppliers on the same page too, along with instructions and manuals for many RV components and appliances.
  • Have a question or issue that your dealer can’t solve? Here’s a link to our Customer Service team.
  • Have great pictures of your travels and camping experiences? We’d love to see them – Upload them here.

Share your new RV experience with us!

Finally, we’d love to know what you think of your new Gulf Stream Coach product. You can start by taking our super-quick 2-question survey right here.

THANKS again for choosing Gulf Stream Coach!

Picture of GSX G26 Toy Hauler

GSX – A Toy Box for Grownups

Play hard and come home dirty!

If you have a motorcycles, off-road bikes, snowmobiles, ATVs, mountain bikes, or go-carts, you NEED our GSX Toy Hauler. It combines a big garage with comfortable living spaces in a trailer that takes you and your wheeled toys into the great outdoors. When you want to leave the daily grind and paved roads behind, you NEED our GSX!

Our GSX Toy Hauler has a dual purpose: It transports and shelters your toys while it transports and shelters you. That means your treasured four-wheeler stays safe and secure in the GSX garage, while you and your companions enjoy all the comforts of home. Your toys get a rugged, 3000-lb. capacity rear ramp door. You get a full kitchen, bath with toilet and shower, comfy sleeping arrangements, and plenty of entertainment options. The toys get floor-mounted tie-downs in all the right places, you get an awning right outside your door.

GSX is the Toy Hauler for the 99%!

You’ve seen plenty of toy haulers already, of course. And you’ve probably seen the super-luxe, super-expensive 40+ footers that probably never get their ‘feet’ wet or their ‘clothes’ dirty. Don’t worry! The GSX isn’t that kind of toy hauler – It’s the Toy Hauler for the rest of us! It’s meant for people who spend more on their off-road toys than their toy hauler. It’s the toy hauler for people like you who want to play hard and come home dirty!

Three great sizes – Take your pick

The GSX comes in three great floor plans and lengths: The 24 ft. G17; the 29 ft. G26, and the 33 ft. G28. Accommodations, features, and prices vary from model to model, of course, so you can find the GSX that best fits your budget and other requirements. Want to learn more? Great – Just visit this link for all the details.

5255 with full-body paint graphics

BT Cruiser Makes “Getting There” as Much Fun as “Being There!”

The iconic Gulf Stream Coach BT Cruiser built its fame by doing two things better than any other motor home on the road. It provides a luxury-suite living experience wherever you park it; AND it makes the driving experience truly enjoyable, whether you’re on city streets, country lanes, or cross-country highways.

Ford chassis rule!

The BT Cruiser is designed to be a driving machine, taking advantage of the powerful, reliable, efficient Ford E350 and E450 chassis. The Ford E-series chassis has logged far more RV miles than any other, and the latest edition is hands-down, the best version ever offered.

Our “Cradle of Strength” – more stable, safer, exclusive

Our BT Cruiser does things with the Ford E-series chassis that no one else does. It starts, literally, at the bottom, with our exclusive “Cradle of Strength” chassis reinforcements. We add steel stringers and braces to create box-style trusses that are stronger and more rigid than ordinary triangle frames. We use steel where nothing else can do the job, adding stability and safety to every mile you drive.

RVers love our lower profile!

The BT Cruiser also uses a significantly lower exterior profile than typical Class C’s. The benefits? Better fuel economy, lower travel costs, better aerodynamics, and surer handling in windy conditions. The lower stance also makes getting in and out of the BT Cruiser easier and safer. And, veteran RVers who are tired of clipping overhead branches on narrow tree-lined streets really appreciate the low overall height.

Go anywhere, see everything!

Overall dimensions of the BT Cruiser make it far easier to maneuver, park, back up and turn than traditional Class C and Class A motor homes. (The included back-up camera and monitor are a big help too.) Owners simply love the higher level of freedom and lower level of stress that comes with ‘BT Cruising.’ When driving a motor home is this easy and stress-free, you can take it virtually anywhere. Drive, park, and enjoy the high school soccer game, family reunion, flea market, race track, outlet mall. . . You name it, you’ll enjoy the trip and the destination more when you’re in a BT Cruiser.

Solid Step - Advanced Entry System for Gulf Stream Coach travel trailers

The Best Step You Can Take!

How many times do you go in and out of your travel trailer when you’re camping? How many times when you’re stocking food, supplies, clothes and other gear? If you’re like most campers, you climb in and out more times than you’d care to count. That’s why you will love ‘the best step you can take.’

It’s our new Solid Step, available on a growing number of Gulf Stream Coach travel trailers. Unlike old-fashioned steps, Solid Step puts two feet firmly on the ground, and holds tightly to the floor in your doorway. You get a rock-solid, stable, and safe footing for all those trips in and out.

The Solid Step is hinged so you can easily swing it up and latch it securely inside when it’s not in use. You can adjust the length of each leg independently too, so you can have a firm footing no matter where you set up camp. And here’s a bonus: Since the Solid Step stores inside your trailer, instead of collecting road dirt and grime, it stays clean and dry while you’re traveling.

The all-steel and aluminum construction of the Solid Step make it durable and long-lasting. Non-skid strips make the steps safer, even in a camping environment. Add it all up, and it’s another great reason to choose a Gulf Stream Coach travel trailer. Or put another way: It’s the best step you can take!

Rich and Sherry V

Camping: It’s the Friends You Meet…

It’s more than travel trailers – it’s friendships!

Travel trailer camping gives you a chance to obsess about gear, features, floor plans, tow vehicles – and more… But one of the real joys of camping is much more rewarding. It’s the chance you have to meet new people and make new friends along the way.

Maybe it’s not surprising that friendship is a big part of camping. After all, when you’re camping you leave behind so many barriers that stand between you and others. Instead, the camping world is one of shared experiences and common interests. Camping lets you share the beauty of our world, the extremes of nature, and a back-to-basics lifestyle with the campers you meet.

Sharing simple pleasures

Whether you get together at sundown in the glow of a campfire, or around a borrowed jigsaw puzzle on a rainy day, camping gives you a way to share simple pleasures with others.

Need help backing into your site? Someone you’ve never met before WILL be there to help. Want to know the best bait for your son’s first time fishing? Expert opinions abound.

And the FOOD! Simple meals become feasts, and everything tastes better when it’s shared with others. Burn a hot dog? No problem! Your new ‘best friend’ LIKES them that way. Wish you had a charcoal grill? Look – Two campsites away there’s charcoal glowing, room on the grill, and a new friend.

It’s no wonder you can’t wait to hitch up and go camping!

For these and countless other reasons, it’s no wonder you can’t wait to leave the real world behind, hitch up your trailer, and escape – to the REAL world. We’ll see you out there!

(THANKS for the friendly hello from Rich & Sherry V., Vintage Cruiser owners and members of “The Vintage Cruisers” on Facebook – Check it out!

Conventional or Laminated Construction

Conventional or Laminated Construction: Which Travel Trailer Is Right for You?

When you start shopping for a travel trailer, you’ll learn that there are two basic types of construction to consider. Each has advantages, and each has a history of satisfying countless trailer campers over many years. That said, what are the key differences and advantages? And as someone looking for a travel trailer, which is the right choice for you?

The basic differences

Conventional construction (here are some examples) is the tried-and-true industry standard since the first mass-produced travel trailers. It uses construction features adapted from residential construction. Walls have upright wood studs 13″ to 16″ on center. Floors have wooden joists, and ceilings have wooden rafters. Aluminum siding covers exterior walls and wall insulation is familiar spun fiberglass. Inside walls are rigid panels covered with vinyl. Instead of shingles, a seamless synthetic membrane covers the roof, and an electroplated steel frame replaces a traditional foundation.

Laminated construction (here are examples) builds a skeleton of welded square-tube aluminum instead of wood studs. Instead of spun fiberglass, closed-cell rigid foam insulation fills the frame, and exterior walls are sheets of fiberglass. Laminated construction uses robotically applied glues to join all the layers of the wall. A vacuum chamber then bonds the layers together into a single solid panel.

Conventional construction has the key advantages of being less expensive, simpler, and easier to repair.

The big advantages of laminated construction are its light weight, stiffness, and easy cleanup.

Keep exploring – You’ll be an expert soon

Of course, there are variations on the basics described above, and much more to the story of both methods. You can find diagrams and explanations of our construction right here on the Gulf Stream Web Site. Here’s a good starting point for more information.