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Exterior view of SVT 18RBD

SVT Means ‘Special Value Trailers’ – Here’s Why!

Are you looking for a small, economical but well-built travel trailer as your first RV? You should consider the SVT line of travel trailers from Gulf Stream Coach. The SVT is ideal for first-time campers and casual RVers who want something a step above an “entry-level” economy trailer.

Start with unique, widely varied SVT floor plans.

Interior view of the SVT 21QBD, showing Dinette in slide, Queen Bed, Overhead Storage, and Kitchen Counter

Looking for bunks? Try the 18RBD. Like the flexibility of a Murphy bed? Consider the 21MBS (with a sofa slide) or a 21MBD (with a dinette slide). What about the quick and easy set-up of a non-slide trailer? Look at the 18RBD, 19FMB, or 22UDL. And if it’s a twin bed arrangement that suits you best, check out the 21TBD.
If you feel more comfortable with a slightly narrower trailer profile, the SVT line includes five floor plans that are just 7.5 ft. wide. That slightly smaller width improves your view to the rear, making backing, turning, and maneuvering easier and less stressful.

Include premium laminated-wall construction.

All SVT models use aluminum framed walls, with layers of gleaming exterior fiberglass, insulation, reinforcements, and structural panels. Wall components are coated with robotically-applied adhesives and vacuum-bonded into remarkably light, stiff panels.

Use Azdel synthetic substrate

This weight-saving fiber-based, made-in-USA panel separates the exterior world from the interior living space. Azdel provides excellent sound and temperature insulation, and can’t absorb water, so it won’t rot or mildew. It’s the ideal state-of-the-art structural panel – See the whole story here.

Keep the weight of the SVT ultra-low

With base weights ranging from 3,300 to 3,800 lbs., SVT models are easily towed with a family car, minivan, or smaller SUV. You could save tens of thousands of dollars by towing with your regular car instead of a pricey pickup or other large vehicle.

Make smart use of inside space for maximum livability.

All SVT floor plans feature full “dry baths,” and well-equipped kitchens. Other accommodations vary by floor plan, but all offer an ideal combination of living space and storage.

Include the right combination of luxuries and necessities

Instead of overloading SVTs with options, we include high-quality necessities and offer a wish-fulling list of options. Of course your SVT is “Tech-Ready” to add Wi-Fi, Cable & Satellite TV, a solar panel, and backup camera. Cabinets use solid wood stiles and wood doors. There are two 20-lb LP tanks up front, a seamless surround in the shower, a powerful LP gas furnace, and wiring for a roof-mounted.

With all the basics covered, you can also pick and choose the luxuries you can’t live without. Among the many choices: Blue Tooth home theater stereo, aluminum rims with radial tires, roof-mounted air conditioning, a premium foam mattress, and much, much more.

There’s more to the SVT story, of course.

We hope this brief intro convinces you that the SVT Series deserves to be on your travel trailer shopping list. Explore all the choices and options here on our site, or at a Gulf Stream Coach dealer near you.

image of toolkit

The Ultimate RVer’s Toolkit

Ever wonder what tools to bring when you and your RV head out to go camping?

… Just try asking a few veteran campers! You’ll hear many opinions about what makes up the ultimate RVer’s toolkit. Many camping weekends have been saved by a pocketknife or a fingernail file, but the list of tools quickly gets longer and more complex. That’s why we’ve polled some experts, including repair technicians at Gulf Stream Coach to create our own list of tools. (Click here for a printable version of the list)

Will our list solve every problem you might have on the road? Of course not! But it contains tools that will often save time, money, and aggravation. Consider it to be a list of suggestions, not requirements! Long before you’ve used every tool on our list, you’ll have created your own. And not long after that, you’ll be sharing your experience with others.

Without further ado, here’s OUR Ultimate RVer’s Toolkit:

  • Slip-Jointed Pliers – Handy for tightening almost anything you can’t get a wrench on. 
  • Multi-Tip Screwdriver – w/2 or more blade tips, Phillips head tips, torx or other tips
  • Claw Hammer – For traditional ‘pounding, leverage
  • Socket Wrench Set – Some sets include both English and Metric sizes – You might need both
  • Utility Knife – Standard, w/retracting blade, extra blades
  • Tape – Duct Tape, Electrical Tape, Velcro-style hook-and-loop patches  
  • Adhesives – Gorilla Glue or similar, Super Glue
  • Tire Pressure Gauge
  • Adjustable Voltmeter
  • Vise-Grips
  • Abrasives – Sand paper, metal file
  • Battery-Powered Drill w/charger, basic drill bits
  • Loose Parts:  Assorted Screws, Bolts, Nuts, & Washers, Wire Nuts, Zip Ties, Spare Bulbs, Automotive Fuses etc. 
  • Wood Putty
  • Bottle Jack w/Tire Wrench – to change tires, brace the frame, etc. 
  • Tape Measure
  • Hacksaw w/spare blades
  • LED Flashlight w/spare batteries  
  • 1 or 2 C-Clamps
  • Lubricants – WD 40, 3-in-1 oil, lock de-icer/lubricant

When possible and practical, it’s good to make use of the molded plastic cases that come with many tools – Keeps them organized, dry, and quiet.  On the other hand, when storage space is limited (as it often is in an RV) you may prefer to find a soft-sided toolbox.

Seems that no matter how good the list is, the only tool you NEED in an emergency is the one you DON’T HAVE.  There’s a limit to how much weight and space your tools should take up, though.  Chances are good too that campground neighbors and other RV’ers you run into can help with tools, parts, and advice.  

Do you have a ‘don’t leave home without it tool’ that didn’t make our list?  Add your suggestions in the Comments below!  And do you have a story about how a particular tool saved you on your travels? We’d love to hear it!

New interior decor for Gulf Stream Coach motor homes

New Interior Decor Released for Gulf Stream Coach Motor Homes!

Gulf Stream Coach has announced a new generation of motor home interior decor building on a decades-long heritage of style. New furnishings, fabrics, cabinetry, flooring, and other decor elements are now reaching the Gulf Stream Coach motor home assembly plant. That means that Conquest Class C’s and BT Cruisers with the new interior decor are leaving us to reach our dealer across North America.

New Interior Decor – Bright, fresh, subtle, and stylish

Our famous “Day Coach,” the BT Cruiser 5210, showing off the new interior decor

In creating the new decor, the Gulf Stream Coach Interior Designer took cues from some of the most stylish interiors in today’s world. Her inspiration came from contemporary homes, private clubs, and luxury hotels. These interiors use uncluttered spaces and neutral colors as a backdrop for our fast-moving lives.

The browns and honey colors of the past have made way for cooler, more peaceful warm grey fabrics, olive-grey cabinetry and lightly veined near-white countertops. Subtle textures and patterns have replaced older, bolder prints, providing a bright, cheerful setting for casual activity. Living areas are perfect for colorful accents and accessories.

While good looks are essential, materials chosen for a motor home need to stand up to a life of outdoor adventures. That’s why Gulf Stream Coach uses fabrics and vinyls that resist stains and clean up with ease.

Our cabinets combine great looks and functionality by making use of all available storage space. Cabinetmakers combine precision tooling with hand craftsmanship to meet the weight, space, and cost limitations of the RV environment.

The new interior decor – Combining cool, calm colors, bright hues, and complimentary olive-grey cabinetry

There’s more to the Gulf Stream Coach Motor Home Story

As important as our new decor is, it’s just one reason why Gulf Stream Coach is the fastest-growing Class C brand in the industry. Another? Our exclusive “Cradle of Strength®” that uses extra steel to strengthen the standard chassis. And yet another: The fifteen most-requested luxury features that we include, but others sell as extra-cost options.

Like our new interior decor, Gulf Stream Coach motor homes stand above the competition, combining a decades-long commitment to quality, value, and innovation. Learn more at Gulf Stream Coach motor home dealer near you, and here, on our Facebook page.

A Class on “RV Classes” – What’s In A Name?

As soon as you start looking at RVs, you’ll encounter a new language filled with terms that mean little to the uninitiated. The “RV Classes” that are mentioned by manufacturers and dealers can be pretty confusing until you know what they mean. Here’s a quick rundown that will help:

The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) has defined several “Classes” of RVs. The official Classes clarify the kinds of products available for the government offices that regulate them.

A “Class A” RV . . .

  • Is a motor home that includes living space AND a driver’s compartment built by an RV manufacturer. Class A’s begin life as ‘bare-bones’ chassis with running gear, engine, steering wheel, and little else. Everything else is added by the RV maker. Class A motor homes are often the biggest and most luxurious RVs on the road, and have profiles similar to buses. Typical size: L: 26’ to 42’; W: 8’
The famous Gulf Stream Coach Friendship Class A, no longer in production, but still seen on roads across North America

A “Class B” RV . . .

  • Is a motor home based on a cargo van that uses the original driver’s compartment and metal body of the van. The RV maker adds all of the interior accommodations, and a raised roof to provide standing room inside. Class B motor homes are the most compact RVs on the road, and resemble service vans with high-top roofs added. Typical size: L: 16’ to 25’; W: 7’ to 7.5’

A “Class C” RV . . .

  • Is a motor home with a bare steel chassis and driving gear (like Class A’s), and the original driver’s compartment (like Class B’s). The RV maker adds everything behind the driver’s compartment. The result is a box-like space behind the cab with all walls, roof, floor, and interior accommodations added by the RV maker. Class C’s often have bunk space for children/guests above the cab. Typical Size: L: 21′ to 35′, W: 8′ to 8.5′
The Conquest Class C 6238 - An ideal choice for first-time motor home buyers
Class C’s (Like this Conquest 6238) are the most popular Class of motor home

RV manufacturers have created products that blur the lines between the official RV Classes. For example, you’ll find “Class B+” motor homes as well as other variations. In fact, one of the most popular products produced by Gulf Stream Coach is the BT Cruiser. It’s a down-sized luxury motor home that bridges the gap between Class B and Class C. The BT Cruiser offers the advantages of a smaller, lower profile than standard Class C’s, but more space and power than standard Class B’s.

The BT Cruiser, an industry innovation that “breaks” the Class rules

When it comes to towable RVs, here are two official RV Classes recognized by the RVIA.

A “Travel Trailer” . . .

  • Is an RV with a hitch mounted low on the frame so it can be towed by a pickup truck, SUV, or passenger car with a bumper- or frame-mounted receiver. RV manufacturers build the walls, floor, and roof of the trailer, as well as all of the accommodations inside. There are many of variations, sizes, and styles of travel trailers covered by this broad description. You can start here to see a wide range of our most popular travel trailer models. Typical size: L: 12’ to 38’; W: 7’ to 8’
The Innsbruck 276BH Travel Trailer from Gulf Stream Coach

A “Fifth Wheel”…

  • Is a specialized travel trailer with a hitch designed to fit a receiver installed in the bed of a pickup truck. This type of hitch provides support for the Fifth Wheel directly above the rear wheels of the pickup. The setup also provides additional living space, better maneuverability, and a tighter turning circle than trailers with bumper-mount hitches. Typical size: L: 25’ to 45’; W: 8’
An image of a pickup and Canyon Trail Fifth Wheel from our archives (not currently in production)
An example of a Fifth Wheel from the Gulf Stream Coach Archives

And, yes, as you might expect, the RV industry has created many trailers that stretch these two categories. But this list of the five basic, most-popular “RV Classes” will help you identify and categorize virtually all RVs. Want to explore more? Check out this article, one of many online that discusses RV Classes.

The Conquest Class C 6238 - An ideal choice for first-time motor home buyers

Presented for Your Consideration: The Conquest Class C 6238

If you’re like millions of families who have decided that their lives need a bit more fun, adventure, and travel, then it’s likely you’re considering RVing. Our pandemic-driven isolation has inspired the trend toward independent, family-based travel in many families like yours. Here are some reasons many consider the best-overall choice for families buying their first RV – the Conquest Class C 6238.

The Conquest Class C Model 6238 may just be the best all-around family-focused Class C RV in the world. Benefiting from almost 40 years of experience and refinement, the 6238 is economical, rugged, durable, flexible, spacious, and FUN!

You can get a look inside – Take a 360Tour of our Conquest 6238 here.

Here are the highlights that should put the Conquest Class C 6238 at the top of your “Want List:”

  • It’s built on the incredible new Ford E350 chassis, with 350 HP, 425 lb/ft of torque, and the stunning performance of Ford’s new 7.3L V8 engine. No matter where you roam, nothing gives you, your family, and all their gear a better ride!
  • The 6238 features the Gulf Stream Coach exclusive “Cradle of Strength” chassis reinforcement, that adds box-style trusses, braces, stringers and other steel reinforcement other makers simply don’t use.
  • The 6238 provides frame-mounted seatbelts for every seating position, to keep passengers safe.
  • The 6238 includes a motorized slide-out to greatly increase the size of the living space.
  • The 6238 uses Azdel, a synthetic structural layer that replaces plywood as the barrier between the outside fiberglass skin and the interior living space.
  • The 6238 has one of the industry’s biggest cab-over bunk areas, so kids and cargo have plenty of room.
  • The 6238 is equipped with a built-in generator so you can enjoy life ‘off the grid.’
  • Gulf Stream Coach also INCLUDES a group of 15 special luxury features usually sold by other makers as extra-cost options. You get a backup camera, stainless steel appliances, air conditioning, and much more – all included!

It’s “just right” in so many ways!

Our most popular floor plan for first-time motor home buyers - the Conquest Class C 6238

You can find bigger motor homes, smaller ones, fancier, and simpler. – Gulf Stream Coach itself offers two brands and 20 different floor plans. But year after year, family after family have made the Conquest Class C 6238 a top seller.

It’s the right size for first-timers: Not too big to handle comfortably on the road, yet not too small for an active family. The 6238 is priced right, too, giving families an affordable way to make unforgettable memories for years and years. And, since it’s built by the industry’s leading independent, family-owned manufacturer, it has a legacy of quality and rugged dependability no other leading manufacturer can match.

You can learn more about the Conquest Class C 6238 here, on the Gulf Stream Coach website, and by visiting a Conquest Dealer near you.

The New Ford 7.3L V8 Is Here

– And Our Motor Homes Have It!

Enthusiasts are singing the praises of the new Ford 7.3L V8 engine designed for RV’s introduced in 2020. We love it too, making it the standard engine for our Conquest C and BT Cruiser motor homes.

The “Premium” 7.3L V8 we use has two things every RV’er wants more than anything else: Plenty of power and plenty of torque! Just look at the ratings:
• 350 horsepower
• 468 lbs.-ft of torque

That’s the kind of muscle you want to put your family on the road, no matter where that road may take you. And while RV’ers drool over ratings like these, the 7.3L has other strengths that make it the ideal RV power plant.

Famous Durability

The new 7.3L V8 optimizes power with a cast-iron block, forged steel crankshaft, aluminum heads and variable cam timing. Attached is a 6-speed automatic transmission with a Tow/Haul mode and Auxiliary oil cooler.

Widespread Serviceability

No matter where your adventure takes you, you’re never far from Ford Factory-Authorized service, parts, and repairs. No other auto manufacturer blankets North America better than Ford.

Economy and Efficiency

Nothing matches the combination of economy and efficiency of the RV-optimized Ford 7.3L. It’s not only the lowest-priced option in its class, it uses readily available Regular (87 octane) gasoline.

Almost 60 Years of Experience

Ford has six decades of experience building RV-ready engines and drive trains. No other manufacturer can come close to the depth of knowledge Ford brings to the RV market.

Make Sure That Ford 7.3L V8 Is Driving A Gulf Stream Coach Motor Home

Gulf Stream Coach Conquest Class C motor home

If you’re shopping for a Class C, you will quickly learn that the Ford chassis is used by many other RV builders. You will find other chassis options out there too. But expect to add tens of thousands of dollars to the prices of motor homes built on other platforms. Even a chassis with lower capacity and less power can cost more. That’s something that simply doesn’t make sense to us.

Only Gulf Stream Coach can give you the “Cradle of Strength”

Gulf Stream Coach "Cradle of Strength" logo

Once you decide that the Ford chassis (and that new 7.3L V8) is right for you, consider this. Only Gulf Stream Coach can offer the exclusive “Cradle of Strength.” Gulf Stream Coach invented and validated the “Cradle of Strength” in its R&D department more than thirty years ago. By adding the strength and weight of steel to the chassis, the Cradle of Strength improves the handling, stability, and safety of our motor homes.

Get The Whole Story

You can learn all about Gulf Stream Coach motor homes at these links:

Conquest 6245

Renting A Motor Home?

Try our Conquest Class C

Conquest 6245

If you’re like many new RV’ers, your first real RVing experience may be in a motor home that you rent rather than buy. Many Gulf Stream Coach dealers maintain fleets of motor homes that you can rent for a weekend, week, month, or longer. Renting can introduce you to the adventure of RVing while you discover what you’d like when you decide to buy.

What makes the Gulf Stream Coach Conquest a rental leader?

You’ll find the Gulf Stream Coach Conquest Class C is one of the most popular motor homes available for rent. You may wonder what gives Gulf Stream Coach this leadership position among all the brands and builders.

We’re glad you asked!

Here are some of the major reasons so many RV renters choose the Gulf Stream Coach Conquest Class C:

  • The “Cradle of Strength” adds steel reinforcements, braces, and welds to the Conquest chassis to lower the center of gravity and strengthen the foundation. No one else has the “Cradle of Strength” and no one else has the reliable, responsive handling of the Conquest.
  • Conquest walls use Azdel, a synthetic structural layer, to separate the outside world from the inside living area. Azdel can’t absorb moisture and won’t mildew or rot like plywood. Plus Azdel insulates better and weighs less than the wood it replaces. That makes it ideal for our light, durable, rigid walls.
  • We provide chassis-anchored safety belts for all seating positions in the Conquest. Everyone can travel with the security of a certified seat belt in a Conquest.
  • Our rental units include RV owners’ fifteen most-requested, most-appreciated luxury features. Included are things most RV’ers consider essentials, like a backup camera, 4kW generator, motorized awning, big-screen HDTV, stainless steel appliances, and much more.

A legacy of quality and a passion for new ideas

Rental customers have built their confidence in Gulf Stream Coach over a thirty-eight year history of independence and quality. When that legacy is combined with our latest technology and style, the Conquest is the perfect choice for people renting a motor home.

The RV Shows Are Coming!

RV Show “Mega-Season” Is Coming Soon!

The short, cold days of deep winter are the BEST times of year to see and buy a travel trailer or motor home. Dealers across North America get together at hundreds of convention centers, fair grounds, stadiums, and arenas. They’re there to show off their newest products, at prices just too attractive to resist. You’ll see more and save more if you hit the RV Show circuit during the winter and early spring.

It’s not too early to check the Calendar for the RV Show AVALANCHE that starts in early January. We’ve made planning easy, too, with our Online National RV Show Calendar. (See it here!) It lists shows where you can find our products across the US and Canada by date, location, and venue. The calendar can also give directions from your front door to the shows you choose.

The deals are real!

RV Shows help you maximize value and minimize costs because dealers are competing for your business. Shows let you compare your favorites RVs head-to-head while you meet the dealers who will deliver and service your new RV. In many cases, you’ll also find a Gulf Stream Coach representative on hand, answering questions so you can you make a smart decision.

And what better way is there to escape the ravages of winter?

Visiting an RV Show is (almost) like escaping from the doldrums of winter to a sunny summer day. The show lets you mentally shift gears to the warmer, more relaxing, family-and-friends-memory-making season just a few short weeks away. It gives you reasons to plan, to look ahead, dream, and otherwise indulge in all things “RV.”

Check the Calendar! Make some plans! We’ll see you there!

New BT Cruiser with Partial Paint Graphics

New Exterior Graphics for BT Cruiser

Here’s a first look at the stunning new exterior graphics now available on any new BT Cruiser. As you can see, it’s an artful combination of gel-coat fiberglass and broad areas of custom paint. In addition to being drop-dead gorgeous, it’s far more economical than full custom-paint graphics.

For many, it’s the best of both worlds: Head-turning, wow-inspiring looks, AND significant savings! It’s another GREAT reason BT Cruiser should top your list if you’re shopping for a couples-focused, road-friendly, down-sized, luxury motor home. (Get the whole story on the BT Cruiser here!)

BT Cruiser beauty is more than skin deep!

Underneath the new exterior graphics for the BT Cruiser are a host of things that make it unique, including:

  • The Gulf Stream Coach-exclusive Cradle of Strength®, a network of steel chassis reinforcements and enhancements.
  • Azdel, the super-light structural wall substrate that can’t absorb water, won’t mildew, and offers superior temperature and noise insulation.
  • A 4 kW generator to provide electrical service no matter where you stop or set-up camp.
  • Frame-mounted seat belts at every seating position, to greatly enhance passenger safety.
  • 14 more luxury and convenience items we include on every BT Cruiser, that other companies consider extra-cost add-ons.

BT Cruiser – Still “the sports car of motor homes”

It’s important to mention the other aspect of the BT Cruiser that makes it a favorite among dedicated motor home travelers, too. It’s the way the BT Cruiser handles on the road. From interstates, to city streets, to parking lots, the BT Cruiser has proven it’s “the sports car of motor homes.”

And just in case you were wondering…

YES, we still offer our bold-and-beautiful full-body paint graphics and our stylishly subtle standard tape graphics. The choice is yours!

Shopping for a new Gulf Stream Coach Motor Home

You Bought a New RV – Congratulations! . . . (Now what?)

Are you the proud new owner of a Gulf Stream Coach travel trailer or motor home? THANKS for your business! We know there are many alternatives when you go shopping for an RV, and we’re gratified that you chose one of ours.

Putting a new RV on the road is a big step, full of details, expectations, and challenges. In fact, whether you’re on a months-long trek or just enjoying quick weekend trips, you’re learning a whole new way of living.

Enjoy the adventure!

Even if you have experience using travel trailers, or owning a motor home, your new rig has things to discover and learn. Like any new adventure, it’s wise to be prepared for the unexpected. It also helps to get advice from people with more experience than you. Fortunately, in today’s Internet-driven world, help is just a few searches and clicks away.

Like ALL online information, you’ll want to sort through the sources, and find the ones that you trust. They’re out there, to be sure! In fact, you can become an armchair ‘expert’ in a matter of a few well-spent hours online. Looking for a starting point? Pop the popcorn, grab a cool drink, and click here.

First, best source of help? Your dealer!

Don’t get stuck on YouTube, though. In fact, there’s actually a better place to START! It’s the Gulf Stream Coach dealership where you purchased your new RV. That dealer has a strong interest in maintaining a long, beneficial relationship with you. Your dealer can answer MANY of those “how do we ….” questions. Not only that, the dealer has the accessories, parts, and tech experts you need to do what you want to do!

The Gulf Stream Coach Website is a good resource too. Here are a few highlights:

  • Not close to home? You can use our Dealer Locator to find any Gulf Stream Coach dealer in the U.S. and Canada!
  • Need a copy of your Owner’s Manual? Click here to get one from the Owner Resources area on our Website. You’ll contact info for suppliers on the same page too, along with instructions and manuals for many RV components and appliances.
  • Have a question or issue that your dealer can’t solve? Here’s a link to our Customer Service team.
  • Have great pictures of your travels and camping experiences? We’d love to see them – Upload them here.

Share your new RV experience with us!

Finally, we’d love to know what you think of your new Gulf Stream Coach product. You can start by taking our super-quick 2-question survey right here.

THANKS again for choosing Gulf Stream Coach!