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Exterior view of SVT 18RBD

SVT Means ‘Special Value Trailers’ – Here’s Why!

Are you looking for a small, economical but well-built travel trailer as your first RV? You should consider the SVT line of travel trailers from Gulf Stream Coach. The SVT is ideal for first-time campers and casual RVers who want something a step above an “entry-level” economy trailer.

Start with unique, widely varied SVT floor plans.

Interior view of the SVT 21QBD, showing Dinette in slide, Queen Bed, Overhead Storage, and Kitchen Counter

Looking for bunks? Try the 18RBD. Like the flexibility of a Murphy bed? Consider the 21MBS (with a sofa slide) or a 21MBD (with a dinette slide). What about the quick and easy set-up of a non-slide trailer? Look at the 18RBD, 19FMB, or 22UDL. And if it’s a twin bed arrangement that suits you best, check out the 21TBD.
If you feel more comfortable with a slightly narrower trailer profile, the SVT line includes five floor plans that are just 7.5 ft. wide. That slightly smaller width improves your view to the rear, making backing, turning, and maneuvering easier and less stressful.

Include premium laminated-wall construction.

All SVT models use aluminum framed walls, with layers of gleaming exterior fiberglass, insulation, reinforcements, and structural panels. Wall components are coated with robotically-applied adhesives and vacuum-bonded into remarkably light, stiff panels.

Use Azdel synthetic substrate

This weight-saving fiber-based, made-in-USA panel separates the exterior world from the interior living space. Azdel provides excellent sound and temperature insulation, and can’t absorb water, so it won’t rot or mildew. It’s the ideal state-of-the-art structural panel – See the whole story here.

Keep the weight of the SVT ultra-low

With base weights ranging from 3,300 to 3,800 lbs., SVT models are easily towed with a family car, minivan, or smaller SUV. You could save tens of thousands of dollars by towing with your regular car instead of a pricey pickup or other large vehicle.

Make smart use of inside space for maximum livability.

All SVT floor plans feature full “dry baths,” and well-equipped kitchens. Other accommodations vary by floor plan, but all offer an ideal combination of living space and storage.

Include the right combination of luxuries and necessities

Instead of overloading SVTs with options, we include high-quality necessities and offer a wish-fulling list of options. Of course your SVT is “Tech-Ready” to add Wi-Fi, Cable & Satellite TV, a solar panel, and backup camera. Cabinets use solid wood stiles and wood doors. There are two 20-lb LP tanks up front, a seamless surround in the shower, a powerful LP gas furnace, and wiring for a roof-mounted.

With all the basics covered, you can also pick and choose the luxuries you can’t live without. Among the many choices: Blue Tooth home theater stereo, aluminum rims with radial tires, roof-mounted air conditioning, a premium foam mattress, and much, much more.

There’s more to the SVT story, of course.

We hope this brief intro convinces you that the SVT Series deserves to be on your travel trailer shopping list. Explore all the choices and options here on our site, or at a Gulf Stream Coach dealer near you.

image of toolkit

The Ultimate RVer’s Toolkit

Ever wonder what tools to bring when you and your RV head out to go camping?

… Just try asking a few veteran campers! You’ll hear many opinions about what makes up the ultimate RVer’s toolkit. Many camping weekends have been saved by a pocketknife or a fingernail file, but the list of tools quickly gets longer and more complex. That’s why we’ve polled some experts, including repair technicians at Gulf Stream Coach to create our own list of tools. (Click here for a printable version of the list)

Will our list solve every problem you might have on the road? Of course not! But it contains tools that will often save time, money, and aggravation. Consider it to be a list of suggestions, not requirements! Long before you’ve used every tool on our list, you’ll have created your own. And not long after that, you’ll be sharing your experience with others.

Without further ado, here’s OUR Ultimate RVer’s Toolkit:

  • Slip-Jointed Pliers – Handy for tightening almost anything you can’t get a wrench on. 
  • Multi-Tip Screwdriver – w/2 or more blade tips, Phillips head tips, torx or other tips
  • Claw Hammer – For traditional ‘pounding, leverage
  • Socket Wrench Set – Some sets include both English and Metric sizes – You might need both
  • Utility Knife – Standard, w/retracting blade, extra blades
  • Tape – Duct Tape, Electrical Tape, Velcro-style hook-and-loop patches  
  • Adhesives – Gorilla Glue or similar, Super Glue
  • Tire Pressure Gauge
  • Adjustable Voltmeter
  • Vise-Grips
  • Abrasives – Sand paper, metal file
  • Battery-Powered Drill w/charger, basic drill bits
  • Loose Parts:  Assorted Screws, Bolts, Nuts, & Washers, Wire Nuts, Zip Ties, Spare Bulbs, Automotive Fuses etc. 
  • Wood Putty
  • Bottle Jack w/Tire Wrench – to change tires, brace the frame, etc. 
  • Tape Measure
  • Hacksaw w/spare blades
  • LED Flashlight w/spare batteries  
  • 1 or 2 C-Clamps
  • Lubricants – WD 40, 3-in-1 oil, lock de-icer/lubricant

When possible and practical, it’s good to make use of the molded plastic cases that come with many tools – Keeps them organized, dry, and quiet.  On the other hand, when storage space is limited (as it often is in an RV) you may prefer to find a soft-sided toolbox.

Seems that no matter how good the list is, the only tool you NEED in an emergency is the one you DON’T HAVE.  There’s a limit to how much weight and space your tools should take up, though.  Chances are good too that campground neighbors and other RV’ers you run into can help with tools, parts, and advice.  

Do you have a ‘don’t leave home without it tool’ that didn’t make our list?  Add your suggestions in the Comments below!  And do you have a story about how a particular tool saved you on your travels? We’d love to hear it!