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New BT Cruiser with Partial Paint Graphics

New Exterior Graphics for BT Cruiser

Here’s a first look at the stunning new exterior graphics now available on any new BT Cruiser. As you can see, it’s an artful combination of gel-coat fiberglass and broad areas of custom paint. In addition to being drop-dead gorgeous, it’s far more economical than full custom-paint graphics.

For many, it’s the best of both worlds: Head-turning, wow-inspiring looks, AND significant savings! It’s another GREAT reason BT Cruiser should top your list if you’re shopping for a couples-focused, road-friendly, down-sized, luxury motor home. (Get the whole story on the BT Cruiser here!)

BT Cruiser beauty is more than skin deep!

Underneath the new exterior graphics for the BT Cruiser are a host of things that make it unique, including:

  • The Gulf Stream Coach-exclusive Cradle of Strength®, a network of steel chassis reinforcements and enhancements.
  • Azdel, the super-light structural wall substrate that can’t absorb water, won’t mildew, and offers superior temperature and noise insulation.
  • A 4 kW generator to provide electrical service no matter where you stop or set-up camp.
  • Frame-mounted seat belts at every seating position, to greatly enhance passenger safety.
  • 14 more luxury and convenience items we include on every BT Cruiser, that other companies consider extra-cost add-ons.

BT Cruiser – Still “the sports car of motor homes”

It’s important to mention the other aspect of the BT Cruiser that makes it a favorite among dedicated motor home travelers, too. It’s the way the BT Cruiser handles on the road. From interstates, to city streets, to parking lots, the BT Cruiser has proven it’s “the sports car of motor homes.”

And just in case you were wondering…

YES, we still offer our bold-and-beautiful full-body paint graphics and our stylishly subtle standard tape graphics. The choice is yours!

Conquest Class C: What’s NEW for 2018?

The Conquest Class C Motor Home continues to set itself apart from the competition and earn rave reviews for its innovative floor plans, rock-solid construction, and long list of standard features.  But Designers and Engineers at Gulf Stream Coach aren’t resting on their laurels.  The company has shown key dealers a list of brand-new product enhancements that add more luxury, style, convenience, and value to the Conquest brand.  Here’s a quick run-down of what “New for 2018” features RV shoppers will see in models now being shipped to Gulf Stream Coach dealers:

New for 2018 - Side by side recliners


NEW!  Side-by-side Reclining Theater-Style Seating. Available on the Conquest 6320.  It’s a blessing to be able to enjoy your most comfortable chair anywhere you go!

New for 2018 - Parking spot for Bunk Ladder



NEW!  Bunk Ladder “Parking Spot.”  Two tough straps hold the bunk ladder securely against the padded bulkhead, keeping it quiet and safely out of the way.

New for 2018 - Tile Backsplash for kitchen

NEW!  Tile Backsplash in Kitchen.  Tiles protect the wall behind the sink and range where spatters and spills are likely to occur.




New for 2018 - Stylish Maple Cabinetry

NEW!  Maple Option for Cabinetry.  A step up to a refined, yet relaxed and casual look, our new fine-grained maple is set off smartly with new dark-tone cabinet handles and drawer pulls.

New for 2018 - Lighter laminated and solid surface countertops




NEW! Lighter Kitchen Countertops.  Our standard laminate and optional solid surface countertops have new colors, styles, and patterns for an overall brighter interior.

New for 2018 - Diamond-embossed seat cushionsNEW! Diamond-Embossed Upholstery.  Seat cushions now feature tone-on-tone diamond-embossed inserts; so do the front captain’s chairs with our upholstery upgrade option.


New for 2018 - Blue Halo LED Atmosphere Lights



NEW! ‘Blue Halo’ LED Lights.  Great as soft, non-intrusive nightlights, also soothing, subdued atmosphere lighting for evening conversations and meals.


New for 2018 - Lighter, brighter Vinyl FlooringNEW!  Lighter, brighter Vinyl Flooring.  So easy to care for, resists streaking and cracking, with a new lighter look that brightens up the whole interior.


New for 2018 - Outdoor Entertainment Center



NEW! Outside Entertainment Center.  The bracket, wiring, and speakers you need to have an optional HDTV outside under the curb-side awning.


Of course all of these “New for 2018” features are icing on the cake for the only Class C motor home built with our exclusive “Cradle of Strength” and other standard features that have made the Conquest the Class C leader.  Click here to explore all the Conquest floor plans and features.

Three “Special Value” GEO Floor Plans Released

GEO – Stylish, forward-thinking design



With the release of three new Special Value GEO floor plans, all the style, design advantages, and rugged reliability of the GEO brand are available in more economical versions ranging from 21 to 25 feet in length.

Our GEO line of lightweight travel trailers is known for leading-edge styling, with a younger, more contemporary look that reflects other luxury travel accommodations and entertainment options.  Plus, GEO construction uses our rock-solid laminated walls for lightweight strength.

That’s why GEO has proven so popular with younger, more active trailer campers, and other travelers who trying camping as an alternative to other recreational experiences.  And with the new Special Value GEO floor plans just released, there’s a family-friendly, budget-conscious way to explore the natural world.

Special Value GEO Floor Plans:  More possibilities for luxury on a family budget



Imagine a family-oriented laminated-wall ultra-lightweight trailer measuring just over 21 feet that offers a roomy bed for Mom and Dad, a dinette, camper-kitchen, full dry bath, and upper and lower bunks for the kids – That’s the 18RBD, and it’s the most-economical GEO ever offered!





Or consider the 19FMB, at just over 23 feet in length, that provides an ingenious Murphy bed/Sofa combination, a full kitchen, convertible dinette, and full dry bath with a handy corner shower – It’s a great way to get into trailer-camping without “roughing it.




And if you’re on the look-out for stunning view of the great outdoors, consider the 25-foot model 22UDL, with its full-width rear U-shaped dinette surrounded on three sides with picture windows.

If it sounds like the Special Value GEO floor plans have the right combination of quality, liveability, and price, great!  You can see enlarged views of the floor plans and complete specifications on our Web Site – Here’s a link to get you started!   Our GEO dealers across the US and Canada are happy to discuss pricing, specifications, and options with you too.  Just use our “Get A Price” link to start that no-obligation process!

Vintage Cruiser Releases Two New Bunkhouse Floor Plans


Roomy Front Dinette with great picture window views, at the front of the new 19BFD

In response to numerous requests from Vintage Cruiser fans and dealers, Gulf Stream Coach just announced the release of two new  Bunkhouse Floor Plans – The 19BFD and the 23BHS.  While sharing many of the specifications of other Vintage Cruiser 19- and 23- ft models. the two new arrivals both include upper and lower 28″ x 74″ bunks for visitors, guests, children, grandchildren, or pets.



The 19BFD Murphy Bed, folded down over the dinette

In addition to the bunks, both floor plans also take advantage of one of the most versatile approaches to combining living space with sleeping accommodations – A Murphy Bed!  In the 19BFD, a roomy dinette, flanked with picture windows, fills the front of the trailer.  With a few simple adjustments, when it’s time to turn in, a Murphy Bed folds open across the dinette, providing a flat, comfy 60″ x 74″ bed that.  It’s not a collection of dinette cushions – it’s a real bed!

In the 23BHS, the dinette is in a slide-out, so the Murphy Bed opens across the front sofa, providing a flatter, firmer, more comfortable sleeping surface than any sofa-bed.


The unique rear cargo hold on the new Vintage Cruiser 19BFD

The 19BFD has another trick ‘up its sleeve,’ too:  Take a look at the image on the left, or at this early picture gallery of the new 19-footer.  Notice the big “Bike Door” in the rear wall of the trailer.  Open it and you’ll see that the bottom bunk is hinged to fold up out of the way, making room for all kinds of camping cargo.  Even bikes will fit inside.  Notice too that the space under the bunk is open through to the main living area, making it possible to carry really long cargo, including fishing gear, skis, paddleboards, and even some kayaks.  It’s ingenious!

Both new Bunkhouse floor plans are available with the now-famous teal-and-cream, crimson-and-cream, and “Woodie” Estate Wagon decors, and both feature the rigid, rock-solid, feather-light laminated walls and one-piece roof that made Vintage Cruiser the market leader.

It’s exciting to see that the Vintage Cruiser idea people are still looking for more and better ways to fulfill the needs and wants of camping families.  Make sure you get a close look at all six Vintage Cruiser floor plans when you start shopping.  One is sure to be just right for you.

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New Conquest Class C 6238 Photo Gallery Now Online

The photographer took his camera inside one of the most popular floor plans in the Gulf Stream Coach lineup, the Conquest Class C 6238, and the results are posted online here.Conquest Class C 6238 Main Living Space, looking front to rear

The 6238 provides motor home customers with every comfort of home, in a well-planned and skillfully built floor plan.  The 6238 includes a large 60″ x 74″ bed, a full dry bath, a large main living area with a convertible dinette in the slide-out, and a full stainless steel kitchen.


The 6238 Cradle Of Strength Foundation

We build the 6238 on the rugged, efficient, powerful Ford E350 platform, with the Ford 6.7L V10 engine.  But Gulf Stream Coach takes over just one inch above theGulf Stream Coach "Cradle Of Strength®" steel rails of the Ford chassis, where we add our exclusive “Cradle Of Strength®”.  The Cradle Of Strength® (see our previous post) uses box-style steel trusses, steel stringers, welded braces, metal cargo boxes, and a diamond plate subfloor to help keep your traveling family safe and comfortable.

Laminated Fiberglass Walls

The 6238 is enclosed by lightweight yet rigid laminated fiberglass walls that use welded tubular aluminum, rigid polyfoam insulation, and synthetic Azdel subtrates.  We vacuum-bond these layers with advanced adhesives in our own lamination plant, using a proprietary process we’ve developed over the past 30 years.

We build the roof with a welded aluminum truss system and seamless synthetic rubber to shed water and resist leaks.

Stylish Interior Decor, Extensive Standard Features

The decor and furnishings inside the Conquest Class C 6238 reflect the casual yet sophisticated look popular in vacation homes, with extensive use of our Roanoke Light Cherry woodwork and coordinating fabrics, leather-touch vinyl, and easy-care wood-grain flooring.  Electronics include hookups for an optional HDTV/DVD player, a standard rear-mount backup camera and in-dash Conquest Class C 6238 Stainless Steel Kitchencolor monitor, USB charging ports, and cool, efficient LED lighting inside and out.

Drawers, cabinets, closets, and other storage areas are handy at every turn.  Floor-ducted heating and overhead ducted air conditioning keep your family comfortable, and a standard 4-kilowatt generator keeps everything powered up.

Take A Look at the 6238

Explore the gallery and see the 6238 for yourself.  Better yet, use our Dealer Locator to find the Conquest Class C line at a Gulf Stream Coach dealership near you.

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Gulf Stream Coach "Cradle Of Strength®"

Only Gulf Stream Coach Motor Homes Have The “Cradle Of Strength®”

We’ve spent over thirty years building motor homes that give you the same kind of comfort, convenience, and safety you enjoy in your own home.  So far we’ve put over 60,000 motor homes on the road – and, as you can imagine – we’re really good at it!

Imagine this too:  Imagine what it’s like to build a home that has to travel 70 miles per hour on an Interstate Highway, and wind its way along narrow, bumpy country roads.  Then imagine a home that has to go up and down hills, brave the rain, snow, and searing summer sun, all while carrying the people you love most from one place to another.

Because you put your family in our hands, we put a “Cradle Of Strength®” under your motor home.

box style TUFF TRUSSESUnique in the RV industry, the Gulf Stream Coach “Cradle Of Strength®” is the carefully engineered foundation of steel we add to the motor home chassis.

Our Cradle Of Strength® uses large box-style TUFF TRUSSES rated at 6,000 lbs. each.  That puts more welded steel across the chassis rail than the triangle trusses other manufacturers use.

front-to-rear stringers

We further stiffen and strengthen the trusses with front-to-rear steel stringers.

We build our outside storage compartments with galvanized steel, not plastic, then wrap the insides with felt to protect your cargo.


TUFF TRUSSES on top of rail


We use extra welds and brackets to mount our TUFF TRUSSES on top of the main frame rail so they can’t shift down.



Galvanized steel subfloorFinally, we cover the drivetrain and service lines with a 26-gauge galvanized steel sub-floor.

Our Cradle Of Strength is the perfect foundation for our laminated floor and walls, providing incredible stiffness, resilience, and durability.  That strength translates into more dependable road manners, easier handling, and an overall safer, less-stressful driving experience.

We give you a “Cradle Of Strength®” –  and no one else does.

If you want a “Cradle Of Strength®” as the foundation of your family’s next RV, there’s only one way to get it:  Choose a Gulf Stream Coach motor home.  Whether you prefer the family-favorite Conquest Class C, or “The sports car of motor homes” BT Cruiser, you can rest assured:  There’s a “Cradle Of Strength®” supporting and protecting you everywhere you go.

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BT Cruiser Model 5316 Exterior View

New Photo Gallery of Stunning BT Cruiser Model 5316 Just Added

At just over 32 feet in length, the BT Cruiser Model 5316 is the longest BT Cruiser floor plan, with  two slides to expand both the main living area and the master bedroom, to provide extraordinary accommodations for a traveling couple.

Take a photo tour of the model 5316.

Here’s your chance to ‘step inside’ the 5316 and see the way life is lived, Gulf Stream Coach style.  You can see the mastery of our own cabinetmakers, working with our Light Roanoke Cherry.  You’ll see the large, deep, round stainless steel kitchen sink that is earning raves from campers who have struggled with tiny plastic sinks so common in RVs.

Take a look at a master suite that includes a full wall of closets, wardrobes, and drawers; see the remarkable two-way LED lights, that offer bright white light for reading and cool blue light for after-hours atmosphere.

See how the large picture windows in the main living area capture and frame scenic outside views, yet provide a high level of privacy with soft pleated shades.  Discover how we’ve adapted the latest electronic entertainment and information systems to the campground environment. Notice  how we’ve used every available square inch of space for storage.

See the model 5316 in person.

Enjoy the virtual tour of images, then make plans to visit a BT Cruiser near you for an in-person tour and test-drive.  Discover how we’ve combined luxury, comfort, and on-the-road performance in the 5316, a prime example of why people call the BT Cruiser “The Sports Car of Motor Homes.”

See the Model 5316 Photo Gallery here.

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BT Cruiser gives you one more reason to never go home again!

BT Cruiser 5230 with Tri-Fold Sofa Bed open(February 28, 2017) “The Sports Car of Motor Homes” already makes the driving a dream, with plenty of power, nimble handling, and low-profile efficiency.  The living accommodations give you the comfort and convenience you need when you finally pull over and park – And now, the popular BT Cruiser Model 5230 has what may be the most comfortable convertible sofa-bed of any motor home it its class.  It’s a wide, long, and luxurious queen-size bed when open, and a truly stylish sofa when closed.

Keep this BT Cruiser in mind!BT Cruiser 5230 with Tri-Fold Sofa Bed closed

If the Model 5230 fits your needs, take a look, make a note, and ask your Gulf Stream Coach dealer to include the new Tri-Fold Sofa Bed in the BT Cruiser we build for you!