Exterior view of SVT 18RBD

SVT Means ‘Special Value Trailers’ – Here’s Why!

Are you looking for a small, economical but well-built travel trailer as your first RV? You should consider the SVT line of travel trailers from Gulf Stream Coach. The SVT is ideal for first-time campers and casual RVers who want something a step above an “entry-level” economy trailer. Start with unique, widely varied SVT floor […]

image of toolkit

The Ultimate RVer’s Toolkit

Ever wonder what tools to bring when you and your RV head out to go camping? … Just try asking a few veteran campers! You’ll hear many opinions about what makes up the ultimate RVer’s toolkit. Many camping weekends have been saved by a pocketknife or a fingernail file, but the list of tools quickly […]

New interior decor for Gulf Stream Coach motor homes

New Interior Decor Released for Gulf Stream Coach Motor Homes!

Gulf Stream Coach has announced a new generation of motor home interior decor building on a decades-long heritage of style. New furnishings, fabrics, cabinetry, flooring, and other decor elements are now reaching the Gulf Stream Coach motor home assembly plant. That means that Conquest Class C’s and BT Cruisers with the new interior decor are […]

A Class on “RV Classes” – What’s In A Name?

As soon as you start looking at RVs, you’ll encounter a new language filled with terms that mean little to the uninitiated. The “RV Classes” that are mentioned by manufacturers and dealers can be pretty confusing until you know what they mean. Here’s a quick rundown that will help: The Recreational Vehicle Industry Association (RVIA) […]

The Conquest Class C 6238 - An ideal choice for first-time motor home buyers

Presented for Your Consideration: The Conquest Class C 6238

If you’re like millions of families who have decided that their lives need a bit more fun, adventure, and travel, then it’s likely you’re considering RVing. Our pandemic-driven isolation has inspired the trend toward independent, family-based travel in many families like yours. Here are some reasons many consider the best-overall choice for families buying their […]

The New Ford 7.3L V8 Is Here

– And Our Motor Homes Have It! Enthusiasts are singing the praises of the new Ford 7.3L V8 engine designed for RV’s introduced in 2020. We love it too, making it the standard engine for our Conquest C and BT Cruiser motor homes. The “Premium” 7.3L V8 we use has two things every RV’er wants […]

Conquest 6245

Renting A Motor Home?

Try our Conquest Class C If you’re like many new RV’ers, your first real RVing experience may be in a motor home that you rent rather than buy. Many Gulf Stream Coach dealers maintain fleets of motor homes that you can rent for a weekend, week, month, or longer. Renting can introduce you to the […]

The RV Shows Are Coming!

RV Show “Mega-Season” Is Coming Soon!

The short, cold days of deep winter are the BEST times of year to see and buy a travel trailer or motor home. Dealers across North America get together at hundreds of convention centers, fair grounds, stadiums, and arenas. They’re there to show off their newest products, at prices just too attractive to resist. You’ll […]

New BT Cruiser with Partial Paint Graphics

New Exterior Graphics for BT Cruiser

Here’s a first look at the stunning new exterior graphics now available on any new BT Cruiser. As you can see, it’s an artful combination of gel-coat fiberglass and broad areas of custom paint. In addition to being drop-dead gorgeous, it’s far more economical than full custom-paint graphics. For many, it’s the best of both […]

Shopping for a new Gulf Stream Coach Motor Home

You Bought a New RV – Congratulations! . . . (Now what?)

Are you the proud new owner of a Gulf Stream Coach travel trailer or motor home? THANKS for your business! We know there are many alternatives when you go shopping for an RV, and we’re gratified that you chose one of ours. Putting a new RV on the road is a big step, full of […]