Conquest Class C in Rain Booth

Another Stormy Day Predicted for The Rain Booth at Gulf Stream Coach

Gulf Stream Coach Rain Booth

Sun shining outside, but inside the Rain Booth, a storm is raging.

One of the last stops before Gulf Stream Coach RV’s are cleared for the ship line is an extended session in our Rain Booth.  It’s one important – and WET – part of our overall inspection process.

The ‘technology’ of the Rain Booth is simple enough.  The Booth is a large stall, approximately 50 feet deep, 28 feet wide, and 28 feet high.  A system of valves delivers high-pressure water to a series of pipes and nozzles suspended from the Rain Booth ceiling.  The valves are all controlled by a single switch.

Travel trailers and motor homes are delivered to the Rain Booth as they leave the production facility.  They are connected to power so lights and other electrical circuits are live during the test.  A large door on the Booth is closed, and the valves are open, starting the artificial deluge.

It rains every day at Gulf Stream Coach

Water Pump in Gulf Stream Coach Rain Booth

Here’s the high-powered pump that’s needed to cause a storm in the Rain Booth

The Rain Booth delivers a high volume of “rain” from multiple directions and positions to simulate the effect of a severe downpour or long drive through a storm.  If the travel trailer or motor home has a slide-out, the whole test is done twice – once with the slide in, and again with the slide out.  Any unit that doesn’t pass the test comes back after adjustments have been made.  Our products have to pass the Rain Booth test before they can ‘graduate.’

Our Rain Booth – Just one part of our “PDI!”

Our Rain Booth test is just one aspect of the industry’s FIRST independent, in-house PDI Department.  “PDI” stands for “Pre-Delivery Inspection,” and it’s typically the first thing that happens to a travel trailer or motor home when it arrives at an RV Dealership.  Dealer service personnel inspect and check every aspect of the new RV to make sure it’s ready for sale.  But with Gulf Stream Coach products, PDI also happens right at the factory.  A highly skilled and strongly independent team of inspectors performs that pre-delivery inspection AFTER plan inspectors have certified a unit for shipping and BEFORE it arrives at your local dealership.
It’s the best way to ensure that your new Gulf Stream Coach travel trailer or motor home leaves our facilities in peak condition.