5255 with full-body paint graphics

BT Cruiser Makes “Getting There” as Much Fun as “Being There!”

The iconic Gulf Stream Coach BT Cruiser built its fame by doing two things better than any other motor home on the road. It provides a luxury-suite living experience wherever you park it; AND it makes the driving experience truly enjoyable, whether you’re on city streets, country lanes, or cross-country highways.

Ford chassis rule!

The BT Cruiser is designed to be a driving machine, taking advantage of the powerful, reliable, efficient Ford E350 and E450 chassis. The Ford E-series chassis has logged far more RV miles than any other, and the latest edition is hands-down, the best version ever offered.

Our “Cradle of Strength” – more stable, safer, exclusive

Our BT Cruiser does things with the Ford E-series chassis that no one else does. It starts, literally, at the bottom, with our exclusive “Cradle of Strength” chassis reinforcements. We add steel stringers and braces to create box-style trusses that are stronger and more rigid than ordinary triangle frames. We use steel where nothing else can do the job, adding stability and safety to every mile you drive.

RVers love our lower profile!

The BT Cruiser also uses a significantly lower exterior profile than typical Class C’s. The benefits? Better fuel economy, lower travel costs, better aerodynamics, and surer handling in windy conditions. The lower stance also makes getting in and out of the BT Cruiser easier and safer. And, veteran RVers who are tired of clipping overhead branches on narrow tree-lined streets really appreciate the low overall height.

Go anywhere, see everything!

Overall dimensions of the BT Cruiser make it far easier to maneuver, park, back up and turn than traditional Class C and Class A motor homes. (The included back-up camera and monitor are a big help too.) Owners simply love the higher level of freedom and lower level of stress that comes with ‘BT Cruising.’ When driving a motor home is this easy and stress-free, you can take it virtually anywhere. Drive, park, and enjoy the high school soccer game, family reunion, flea market, race track, outlet mall. . . You name it, you’ll enjoy the trip and the destination more when you’re in a BT Cruiser.