Picture of GSX G26 Toy Hauler

GSX – A Toy Box for Grownups

Play hard and come home dirty!

If you have a motorcycles, off-road bikes, snowmobiles, ATVs, mountain bikes, or go-carts, you NEED our GSX Toy Hauler. It combines a big garage with comfortable living spaces in a trailer that takes you and your wheeled toys into the great outdoors. When you want to leave the daily grind and paved roads behind, you NEED our GSX!

Our GSX Toy Hauler has a dual purpose: It transports and shelters your toys while it transports and shelters you. That means your treasured four-wheeler stays safe and secure in the GSX garage, while you and your companions enjoy all the comforts of home. Your toys get a rugged, 3000-lb. capacity rear ramp door. You get a full kitchen, bath with toilet and shower, comfy sleeping arrangements, and plenty of entertainment options. The toys get floor-mounted tie-downs in all the right places, you get an awning right outside your door.

GSX is the Toy Hauler for the 99%!

You’ve seen plenty of toy haulers already, of course. And you’ve probably seen the super-lux, super-expensive 40+ footers that probably never get their ‘feet’ wet or their ‘clothes’ dirty. Don’t worry! The GSX isn’t that kind of toy hauler – It’s the Toy Hauler for the rest of us! It’s meant for people who spend more on their off-road toys than their toy hauler. It’s the toy hauler for people like you who want to play hard and come home dirty!

Three great sizes – Take your pick

The GSX comes in three great floor plans and lengths: The 24 ft. G17; the 29 ft. G26, and the 33 ft. G28. Accommodations, features, and prices vary from model to model, of course, so you can find the GSX that best fits your budget and other requirements. Want to learn more? Great – Just visit this link for all the details.