Conquest Class C Model 6220 Picture Window

Conquest Class C: Huge Picture Windows for Gorgeous Views

Conquest Class C Model 6220 picture window

Huge picture windows are a key feature of Conquest Class C Motor Homes

Take a look at these images, from the recent photo shoot of our newest Conquest Class C, the Model 6220 (See the entire 18-image gallery here).  The Dinette wall includes one of our huge picture windows. it grabs and frames a stunning view of the outside world. And, after all, aren’t those incredible views one one the key reasons we go camping?

But how is it possible that the Gulf Stream Conquest C consistently gives you larger windows and better views than competing Class C’s? The secret is the way we build our Conquest Class laminated walls, using technology, materials, processes, and equipment that we pioneered and perfected in our own facilities.

We build all our own walls in our own shop

That’s right – we don’t buy our laminated walls from outside suppliers, like many manufacturers do.  We create them entirely in-house, on our own equipment, using our own engineering, methods, and technicians.  We know exactly what is in every square foot of the walls we use, and we take responsibility for the work we do.

At the heart of our laminated walls is a skeleton frame of square-tube aluminum, cut, formed, and welded in our own metal shop.  That aluminum frame is strong, resilient, and light.  Filling the spaces in the skeleton are panels of rigid polystyrene insulation.  The polystyrene is a ‘closed-cell’ foam that won’t absorb water.  Once glued in position, it provides insulation for temperature variances and sound.

We make a sandwich!

The insulated skeleton is the middle of a sandwich of layers, that includes internal vinyl-clad paneling, Azdel synthetic substrate, metal and wood backers and stiffeners, and high-gloss fiberglass.  Extra aluminum structure and other backers frame our huge picture windows and other openings.

We bind the layers together – ‘laminate them’ – with sophisticated adhesives, pressure, and carefully controlled temperatures in a vacuum chamber, creating an amazingly stiff, light, and durable wall.

The bottom line:  We build our walls with the structural integrity needed to allow us to include those huge picture windows.  The strength is designed right in.  Enjoy the view!