Are You New RVers? Gulf Stream Coach Is the Best Place to Start!

Are you new to RVing?  Are you considering your first travel trailer or motor home?

Ameri-Lite 199DD

The Ameri-Lite 199DD – A great choice for new RVers starting a life-long love affair with camping and the great outdoors

Welcome to our world!  RVing is one of the most satisfying and compelling adventures of life, and it’s been our honor to be a part of that adventure with countless thousands of families for over 35 years.  We think we’re a great resource for new RVers, both in terms of the products we offer and the company we’ve built.   This week we’re introducing you to our famous, industry-leading ‘entry-level’ brands:  Ameri-Lite, Conquest Lite, Kingsport Lite, and Innsbruck Lite.

This week:  Why our ‘entry-level’ brands are ideal for many new RVers

New RVers are often ‘testing the water’ with the first travel trailer or motor home they buy.  They’ve heard what it’s like to have an RV from others; they may have memories of camping as youngsters, and they may be curious about the RVs they see on highways, campgrounds, and RV dealerships.  But they want to be careful with their first step.  They don’t want to spend a fortune only to find that RV camping isn’t for them.

Well, at Gulf Stream Coach, we’ve created a whole class of travel trailers designed specifically for that first step, with sizes, prices, and features that won’t overwhelm first-timers.  That means that new RVers can enjoy the excitement, relaxation, and adventure of RVing without breaking the bank!

Here are the Gulf Stream Coach brand names you need to know

Look for our Ameri-Lite, Conquest Lite, Kingsport Lite, and Innsbruck Lite lines, and you’ll find trailers that are ideal for 2 to 4 people, (and can accommodate as many as 8).  All can be towed easily by most mid- to-full size family cars, mini vans, trucks, and SUVs.  All include everything you need for campsite comfort, and offer a handy list of options that can add a surprising level of luxury.

The Ameri-Lite 199RK

The Ameri-Lite 199RK shows how we’ve mastered the art and science of building small, full-featured high-value travel trailers


Our entry-level ‘Lite’ brands are truly light, with base weights between 2900 lbs. and 5900 lbs.   That low weight saves wear and tear on your tow vehicle, and minimizes fuel costs.  Widths range from 7 to 8 feet, to make maneuvering easy.  Slide-outs and bunks are available, and all feature accommodations for cooking, sleeping, and relaxing.  All have a gas furnace, plenty of windows, hot & cold running water, full dry baths, and a surprising amount of storage space for clothes, gear, food, and other ‘necessities.’

New RVers benefit from our 35 years of experience

We’ve been building the Ameri-Lite brand for a generation now, and it reflects the refinements in materials and advancements in technology we’ve made over the years.  And while it may not be the “cheapest” travel trailer on the market, we think you will find that it offers the perfect balance of quality, value, and innovation for a family of new RVers.

In an Ameri-Lite Travel Trailer (or sister brands Conquest Lite, Kingsport Lite and Innsbruck Lite), you’ll escape the everyday routine.  The car, SUV, van, or truck you drive to work every day will become the ‘booster rocket’ that lets you explore the great outdoors, experience breathtaking sights, find peaceful refuges, and strengthen bonds among family and friends.

We learned a generation ago that all RV shoppers, including new RVers, are looking for quality, value, and innovation.  That’s just what we offer – and we’re so passionate about quality, value, and innovation that it became our company motto:

“Gulf Stream Coach:  Quality, Value, and Innovation.”